coffee valve south america coffee producers

coffee valve south america coffee producers


Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world,the annual output is over 30million bag(over 60kg per bag).Many experts do not think highly of their coffee bean,they think their coffee bean is very monotonous because it does not have enough bitterness,acidity and aroma,so it can’t own a place on the Specialty coffee list.Most coffee farms in Brazil is in the areas less than 1200 meter,there aren’t big trees that can offer coffee trees a shade,and the farmers pick the coffee bean in a rough way,they pick all the immature and mature coffee bean together,so it’s not match the condition of specialty coffee.

The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association use a term that is Strictly Soft to describe Brazil coffee to retort the bad evaluation of monotonous and no personality.


In 1808,coffee was first planted in Colombia.Colombia is the largest producer of superior Arabian Washebeans,it’s annual output is over 1.3 million bags.Colombia is concerned about product development and boost production,and it’s good geographical condition and climate make Colombia coffee tasty and gain a world-wide reputation.The character of Colombia coffee is full and has strong aroma and moderate acidity.


Ecuador is the highest farm on the altitude that plant Arabian coffee.Arabian coffee was first planted in Ecuador in 1952,it product high quality coffee especially at beginning of June.Ecuador coffee could be divided into two types,one is Galapagos,and the other is Gigante,both of these coffee is full,balanced acidity and have rich aroma.Ecuador coffee also can be divided into first class bean and extra superior bean according to it’s quality.Ecuador coffee is used for making mix blends coffee and for other uses.It is mainly exported to North European countries of Scandinavia peninsula.


Peru coffee is balanced and high quality,it can be used for blends coffee.Most of Peru coffee is planted in forest district and most producers are small farmers.The best Peru coffee is produced in Chanchmayo,Cuzco,Norte,and Puno.Peru coffee can be compared to any coffee of Central America or South America,so most is export to Germany,Japan and America.

There are many high quality coffee bean from many different countries,all the coffee bean need to be stored well to keep freshness.WOJIN coffee valve,is the best partner of coffee packaging.

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Originally published 31 Oct 2015, updated 31 Oct 2015.

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