coffee valve the coffee spread

29 Oct 2015

coffee valve the coffee spread

Coffee,as the second large commodity of the world,is second only to oil.It is honored as black gold,do you know how it was spread all over the world?

Actually,the spread of coffee was started illegally.Many people think that coffee’s country is Africa,in fact,the coffee’s country is Ethiopia.Coffee is to Arab what silk is to China,is very cherish.To avoid the coffee was planted in other countries,the Arabian got all the shell off the coffee before exported.But,they can’t prevent it was spread from their country around the world.

Coffee spread to Europe

In the 16th century,the merchants of Venice first brought coffee to Europe,then coffee was noticed by many European countries as a kind of Arabian wine.In the middle 17th century,coffee was popular in Europe.In 1683,the first coffee shop of Europe was opened.

Coffee spread to Asia

In 1600,muslim Baba Budan pasted up seven coffee seeds on his belly and smuggled successfully.He planted the coffee on the mountain of the Mysore of south India.In 1658,Dutch transplanted coffee to Indonesia,Sumatra,ect.and had a good harvest.The colony of Netherlands became the coffee supplier of Europe.

Coffee spread to America

Coffee first planted in America in 1720s,Dutch first brought coffee to Central America and South America.Coffee was spread to French Guiana and Brazil from colony of Netherlands,then it was spread to Jamaica through British.In 1689,the first coffee shop of North America was opened in Boston.Plant coffee became the tradition of Central America and South America until 1925 and coffee start to become fashionable in America.

Coffee spread to China

In the late Ming Dynasty,coffee landed at China with the missionaries and merchants of Netherlands and Spain.Dutch have ever tried to plant coffee in Taiwan of China.In the early 20th century,a missionary of french brought a batch of coffee plants to Binchuan county of Yunnan,then coffee is widely planted in Yunnan .In the late hundred of years,coffee plant and consumption was developed well in China.

Coffee was a secret of Ethiopia only at the beginning,now it become the most popular beverage of the world.For many coffee lovers,How to fresh your roasted coffee also is a secret that you don’t know.Now I would like to share my secret to you about the way to fresh roasted coffee.Roasted coffee should be stored in aluminium foil bag with WOJIN coffee valve to keep freshness.WOJIN coffee valve can help you to taste high quality coffee.

coffee valve the coffee spread
coffee valve the coffee spread

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Originally published 29 Oct 2015, updated 29 Oct 2015.


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