coffee valve understand life from coffee

19 Feb 2016

coffee valve understand life from coffee

Are you facing huge pressure from your work and life?However,you don’t have any way to solve this problem,so you choose to complain it to your families and friends to release it momentarily.Actually,you can avoid to suffer from these pressure,the effective way is change your mind.Today, coffee valve would like to share an interesting story about coffee with you.

One day,several alumnus visited their college old professor together.The old professor was very happy when he know his students have successful career and good life.But the alumnus turned to complain their pressure from their work and life to each other quickly.The old professor stood up and walked into the kitchen.When he backed to the living room,he brought a big pot of coffee and various coffee cups with his hands.The coffee cups look very beautiful,they are made of different material like ceramic,plastic,glass and crystal.Some are common,some are exquisite,some are cheap while some are expensive.The old professor asked them to choose the coffee cup and pour the coffee by themselves.

When all the alumnus held the coffee in their hand and enjoyed it,the old professor said,”If you are careful,you can find that all the cups in your hands is exquisite or expensive,you choose the best cups you think.It’s normal that you want to own the best thing in your real life,but this is the root of your pressure and various of problems.

coffee valve understand life from coffee

In fact,what you want just is the coffee in the cup rather than the coffee cups.But you chose the best cups and paid attention to others’ cups consciously.

“Now there is a question you should think of,”the old professor said,”the life is the coffee,the money and the social position is the coffee cups.The coffee cups are only the tool that carry the life,they can’t change the quality of our life.If we pay all of our attention to the coffee cup,we can’t enjoy the wonderful coffee.Therefor,we should not be tempted by the coffee cup,but enjoy the coffee.

After you read this story,you can ask you such a question that is if you pay most of your attention to the money and the social position.If you think a better work you should deserve,more money you should earn and a higher social position you should own?In a word,do you think you should live a better life?Maybe you work very hard,but you do not get the best thing you want,so you feel huge pressure,you are very tired.

A contented person is happy with what he has.Life is composed of half of happy and half of sad,this is the essence of life.No matter how rich a person is,he would experience many sad things while no matter how poor a person is,he would also get happiness.So,money and the social position just is the appearance of the life,they can not change the essence of life.As far as I am concerned,what determine whether we are happy or not is our mind.We should clear that the most important thing of our life is not the money and social position,but enjoy the life.So,don’t be tempted by the money and social position,just pay more attention to our life and enjoy it.

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Originally published 19 Feb 2016, updated 19 Feb 2016.


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