coffee valve wet processing method

24 Feb 2016

coffee valve wet processing method

The coffee cherry picked from the tree can not be store for a long time without any processing.So the fresh coffee cherry should be processed as soon as possible after picked from the garden.

coffee valve tell you that there are two ways to process the coffee,one is wet processing method and the other is dry processing method.Nowadays,most coffee producers prefer to use wet processing method to process the coffee.Today,I would like to introduce the wet processing method in detail to you.

Step 1.Rinsing and classification

Put the coffee cherry into a collection pool,then clean and pick the coffee cherry with the help of running water.Generally,the over ripe,not full and lighter weight coffee cherry would float on the surface of the water,the best coffee cherry would float in the middle of the water and the over weight coffee cherry would sink into the bottom of the pool.Through this process,the coffee is primary class.Remove the coffee cherry on the surface of water and rinse it later.The rinsing time is usually control in 5~8 minutes,after rinsing,the coffee cherry look more clean and beautiful.

Step 2.Decrustation

Decrustation is remove the peel of the coffee cheery.After rinsing,use the peeling machine remove the fruit peel.The peeling machine turn so quickly that the fruit peel is removed.

Step 3.Fermentation

Put the coffee cherry without peel into the fermentation pool and spread the coffee cherry .Cover a layer of plastic filter in the fermentation pool and dot not allow any gap.Let the coffee cherry ferment by themselves under the natural condition.The fermentation time usually is controlled in 24 hours,if the temperature is a bit lower,the operator can extend the time appropriate according to the real situation.The purpose of fermentation is remove the pectin in the outside layer.There is a layer of viscous material cover with the coffee cherry,that’s the fermented pectin.Twist the coffee cherry with hand,if feel it’s rough,it is said that the fermentation is OK.

Step 4.Cleaning

The coffee cherry need to be cleaned again after fermentation.The cleaning pool is designed as several layers like stepped pool.Put the coffee cherry fermented into the cleaning pool and keep agitating the coffee cherry in order to fully clean up the viscous pectin.During this process,the biggest bad full coffee cherry is sink into the bottom of the pool,while the others flow to the next layer with the running water.Through this cleaning process,the coffee cherry is divided into 3 class finally.

Step 5.Soaking

The cleaned coffee need to be soaked due to the pectin id hard to clean up and it would be left in the coffee cherry.So the further soaking is necessary.When soak the coffee,pour the water into the pool and the water should cover the coffee cherry at least.The soaking time is about hours.

Step 6.Sun-cure

After soaking,the coffee cherry should be sun-cured outdoor.Spread the coffee cherry as a thin layer on the sun-cure ground at the beginning because the coffee cherry had lots of moisture.The thickness should be thicker in later stage when the coffee cherry lose more moisture.During sun-cure,the coffee cherry should be stir to ensure the coffee cherry is dried equally and avoid to mildewed.At night,cover a plastic filter on the coffee cherry to avoid the coffee absorb more moisture.The sun-cure usually is 12 days and the the coffee bean should contain 12% of moisture,the color of the coffee sherry after sun-cure is light green.

Step 7.Packaging and store the coffee bean with shell

The sun-cured coffee bean with shell need to be packed and stored,then waiting the sample inspection.

Step 8.Shelling

If the coffee pass the sample inspection,the coffee bean need to experience shelling with the special shelling machine.

Step 9.Classification

Coffee bean should be classed in three steps.Firstly,use the weight picking machine to class the coffee bean according their weight.Secondly,separate the small bean from the coffee bean with a screen classification machine according to their size.Finally,in order to remove the bad coffee bean,the coffee bean need to be pick with hand by workers carefully.Otherwise the coffee bean can not be sold at a good price.

Step 10. Packaging and ready to be sold

After experiencing these complex processing procedures,the coffee bean finishes the journey of primary processing.

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Originally published 24 Feb 2016, updated 24 Feb 2016.


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