coffee valve what is your boss like

16 Jan 2016

coffee valve what is your boss like

coffee valve would like to ask you mention to the word ”boss”,what would you think of?Fierce,unfriendly,harsh,strict,stuffed shirt,angry?Or anything else?Yes,maybe most employees would think their bosses like this,but I wouldn’t.In WOJIN coffee valve company,our bosses are so friendly that all of us like them.They do not have any stuffed shirt and they always care of employees,so our company always has a good environment and atmosphere for work.

I still remember when I just came to the company, my bosses spent several days finding a rental room for me.In fact,they don’t need to do so,because other employees are local people and they live nearby the company.So bosses don’t need to worry about their board and lodging.But I am a special employee,I am not local people,my home is far way from company,and I am a girl,so my boss take care of my life and my safety.So,they find a rental room near the company for me,it’s very convenient for me to work.

At ordinary times,my bosses often ask me how is my life and work going,They are willing to provide help to employees if we need.Not only good work performance they care,but also employees’ good life.

There was another thing that I think they are kind-hearted person.Once,something happened in a neighbour of my rental room,the rental was not safety as usual,I were too afraid to went home and lived in there.My bosses knew this thing and brought me to their home,so I stayed at their home for one night.At their home,they treated me as a guest rather than an employee,they entertained me,ate with me and chatted with me,I really forgot they are my boss,just a friend,I felt there is no any gap between us in that time,I thought they are really kind-hearted.

In addition to concerning of employees’ life,they also join in activities with us together.For example,they would celebrate festivals with us,have coffee with us,make jokes with us and share many interesting things with us.Though they are in the office,we don’t need to afraid of them and self-imposed limit.They never blame employees although we make some mistake,they would smile and tell us how to correct it and do better next time.

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Originally published 16 Jan 2016, updated 16 Jan 2016.


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