16 Feb 2016


Blog is a kind of essay published to the internet through some special APPs by the blog writers. coffee valve thinks for some people,blog is a free space for them to write down the little things happen in their life.These people regard blog as an electronic edition diary book,the reason they write blog is write down their cherish memory on this free diary book.However,different people have different purpose to write blog,I often ask myself why I write blog?

For me,I think write blog reflect a kind of share spirit.Since I meet coffee,I fall in love with it and interested in it.I has a strong desire to lean it,I search many materials from the internet including blog written by many coffee experts.I found that I can learn a lot about coffee from the blog because the blog is written by the writer combined with their experience.The blog is more interesting than the book so that I prefer to read the blog.With time past,I learn and accumulate some knowledge about coffee,I am appreciates that these blog writers share their happy and knowledge with me.In addition to appreciate their profound knowledge,I also admire their share spirit.

Sometimes I always think,I learn many things from others,why not share the things I learn and the experience with other?Then I decide to write blog.I think the greatest fun of writing blog is share.It’s unnecessary to treat the blog as dairy book to write down the little things of writer himself,the blog is the public,should be serve for any people,so why not spread the interested and useful things to the people who want to know.

What kind of things should be shared with others in blog?I think anything interesting and useful to people is worth sharing.Now I work in the coffee field,I think coffee as a delicious beverage should be share with people.Besides,coffee is an import beverage,many people don’t know it and they are desire to know it,I should try best to help them.Therefor,I am willing to share any thing about coffee I know with these people.

In my blog,I write about coffee culture,common sense about coffee,fun things about coffee,and introduce the skill to make coffee,and so on.Even though my blog is not as well as other bloggers’,but I still resist to write blog by heart.I hope my blog can help the readers to know some knowledge of coffee,or just for fun,I would be satisfied.Of course,I also hope to learn something I don’t know through the discussion with reader.I don’t afraid to make mistakes in my blog,because If the readers point out my error after they read my blog,I can learn from them and correct my error.

Properly speaking,blog is a good platform for me to sharing,discussing,learning and making friends.Though few people would read my blog,I would continue to write blog because it’s a fun of life.

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Originally published 16 Feb 2016, updated 16 Feb 2016.


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