Coffee Valve Yemen Coffee History

Coffee Valve Yemen Coffee History

We all know that Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee beans. But in fact, coffee valve knows European people firstly drink coffee in Yemen at the end of 17th century and the beginning of 18th century.

However, today, Yemen coffee fade away. With the decreasement of output of coffee every year, Yemen gradually disappears from the map of coffee. This grand change will make some coffee lovers feel kind of pity.

Nowaday, few people still drink coffee, most of people refresh themselves by chewing Catha edulis. It is said that Catha edulis supercede coffee in Yemen. Because of the diminution of the output of coffee continually, the rank of amount of Yemen coffee beans is at minor place, Catha edulis gradually gain the first place.

Although Yemen is an ancient country of growing coffee, it doesn't have an optimal natural conditions of growing coffee. A research group made by Eurpean and American experts indicates that Yemen coffee bean is the breed that is hard to grow. But after adjusting to the climate for hundreds of years, Yemen coffee now totally fit itself to the environment. Due to the complicated natural conditions, the unique aroma and fruit acidity are saved. However, the next generation discovers that it is much easier and profitable to grow Catha edulis. So most peasants start to grow Catha edulis instead of coffee beans.

Some experts point out that Yemen coffee will disappear in the future bit by bit if they quit growing it. Therefore, in order to activate the output of Yemen coffee, the local bureau of Yemen decide to carry out "COFFEE PROMOTION PLAN". For the future of famous specialty coffee(like Matari,etc), agricultural department of Yemen also hires many foreign experts to make a solution of this problem. With the help of different countries, the plan of coffee starts to carry out.

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