coffee valve yemen coffee

coffee valve yemen coffee

As we all know that the Ethiopia is the original place where Arabica coffee bean was born. But in fact, in the late 17th century and in early 18th century, the coffee was first drank by European was from Yemen. Yemen used to be a coffee empire, and Mocha used to be one of the busiest port city for coffee trade. However, on today after hundreds of years, Yemen coffee has fade. coffee valve thinks with the coffee production is reducing year by year, it seems that Yemen has disappeared in the coffee map. Such a big change would let coffee lovers down more or less.

Nowadays, few people drink coffee in Yemen, while most chew kate grass to refresh themselves. It is said that coffee was replaced by kate grass. In recent years, the coffee production came last while the kate grass got the top ranking all the time amount the cash crops. Although Yemen is an ancient coffee planting country, it does not has advantage natural conditions for coffee planting. A research team which is composed by the experts from Europe and America have said that Yemen is the most difficult coffee planting place in the world, the natural environment and climate is not suitable for coffee planting. But, after hundreds of years’ adaption, Yemen coffee has already completely adapt to this difficult growing environment. Just because of the complex and fickle natural condition,bring Yemen coffee special aroma and fruit acidity. But, by contract, the kate grass is easier grow in this natural environment and get more benefit. So, most farmers gave up coffee and turn to plant kate grass.

Some experts pointed out that if Yemen farmers continue to give up coffee and turn to plant kate grass, Yemen coffee would not has future. In order to recover the past flourishing situation of coffee, Yemen authorities decided to carry out coffee revitalization plan. To avoid the famous specialty coffee such as Mattari to be disappeared in the world,the Ministry of Agriculture of Yemen employs many foreign experts to search the solution together. With the help of many experts from different countries and the donation, the coffee revitalization plan has been implemented.

Yemen coffee once flourishing, and then fade. If the coffee revitalization plan can make the dying Yemen coffee alive again? Whether it can be flourishing again or not? That is a question worth observing.

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Originally published 27 May 2016, updated 27 May 2016.

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