deeply recognize one way degassing valve

12 Jan 2016

deeply recognize one way degassing valve

one way degassing valve just is a small plastic product,but it have a very big effect.Do you its structure and working process?Let’s dissect it together.

The structure of the one way degassing valve

The one way degassing valve is composed of five parts.

①polythene base

The polythene base is directly sealed on the packaging bag.

②bottom cap

This is an snap-on cap coupled to the polythene base.

③rubber disk

The rubber disk is between the base and cap,it can work flexibly as the door open and close the valve


The adhesive is made of silicone oil,it seals the rubber disk to the polythene base.


The filter is installed on the center of the polythene base that directly connect to the product,avoid the valve is blocked by the particles from the product.

deeply recognize one way degassing valve

The basic material used to make one way degassing valve is polythene,rubber,and the silicone oil,these materials are meet the requirement of the food packaging,they also meet the test requirement and get the relevant certificates .There isn’t any harmful substance for bodies’ health,so many customers trust and use one way degassing valve trustingly.

How does one way degassing valve work?

At first,the inner pressure and outer is balance,so the one way degassing vale doesn’t work.When the inner pressure is bigger than the outer pressure,the rubber disk will open to let the inner pressure escape from the bag.After the trapped gas out,the inner pressure and outer pressure is balance again,the rubber will close to prevent the outside air entering the bag to oxidize the product in the bag.

The introduction above is the structure and working process of one way degassing valve.In fact,one way degassing valve is easy to recognize,recognize the one way degassing valve deeply can help the users to use it better.

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Originally published 12 Jan 2016, updated 12 Jan 2016.


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