Discussion on the sour taste of coffee by one way exhaust valve

1. Arabica coffee has high acidity and Robusta coffee has low acidity.

2. The washed coffee beans have high acidity and the sun-dried soybeans have low acidity;

3. The lightly roasted coffee beans have high acidity and the deep roasted coffee beans have low acidity;

4. Coffee beans with high acidity do not mean bad quality.

5. The roasted coffee beans are relatively bright in acidity; the roasted coffee beans are relatively soft;

6. High water temperature production will reduce acidity; low water temperature will increase acidity

7. High-altitude coffee beans have higher acidity than low-altitude coffee beans;

one way exhaust valve thinks coffee without acidity is not good or even bad coffee;

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Originally published 01 Nov 2018, updated 01 Nov 2018.

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