Does ground coffee need to breathe

03 Jul 2020

People in this modern world can hardly live without a cup of coffee every day. In addition to the coffee stores on the street, many people still prefer to purchase roasted coffee beans to grind and brew at home. Except for ensuring the origin and quality of coffee beans, it can also allow people to enjoy the pleasure of brewing coffee, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

Many people put the coffee directly into the completely sealed packaging after roasting because they are afraid that the aroma of coffee will be weakened or lost. Actually this thought is completely wrong. The roasted coffee produces over 700 kinds of chemicals after the Mena reaction. These chemicals are source of the taste and aroma of coffee, and their comprehensive performance constitutes the diverse coffee taste. The roasted coffee bean is quite fragile, and it needs to breath, which is a process of deaeration. This gas is the carbon dioxide. The internal chemical change continues in the coffee bean even after roasted, and the carbon dioxide will continuously release. There is huge amount of gas released after the coffee bean is roasted. The carbon dioxide will affect the texture and taste of the coffee easily, which means that you cannot drink nice coffee even you spend a lot. That is such a pity. If you decide to purchase the coffee bean, you should learn the appropriate storage method to keep the coffee bean and retain the aroma. So how to properly store the coffee bean in order to avoid the deterioration?

1.After roasting, make sure your roasted coffee is cool enough before moving it into a new container. Since the flavor substance of coffee is very unstable, the roasted coffee is easily deteriorated by the influence of air, moisture, heat and light, which will weaken its flavor. So Wojin Valve suggests you keep the roasted coffee away from excessive humidity, dryness, temperature, light and oxygen.

2. Purchase special coffee containers and bags with one way degassing valve. Some people have questioned that since the carbon dioxide released by roasted coffee will affect the quality of the coffee, I can just store it in an open space. Wojin Valve reminds you that oxygen is the enemy of freshly roasted coffee. By exposing the coffee to the air for a long time, the oxygen and other inert gases in the air will accelerate the aging process of the coffee although carbon dioxide can be discharged at any time. The one-way degassing valve is a small accessory in the package. The one-way degassing valve allows the carbon dioxide released by the coffee beans to escape from the inside of the bag and prevent external oxygen from entering the sealed bag. This small air valve plays a double role, it prevents the carbon dioxide from affecting the flavor of coffee as well as prevents the external air from oxidizing the coffee. Thus we can know that the one-way degassing valve can be a very good accessory to protect the freshness of coffee beans.

Does ground coffee need to breathe

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Originally published 03 Jul 2020, updated 03 Jul 2020.


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