How does a degassing valve work

10 Apr 2020

I believe everyone should know that the one way degassing valve is so important to the preservation of coffee aroma. But do you know how the one way degassing valve works to keep the coffee fresh?

1. Air affects coffee quality

Does air affect coffee quality? "WOJIN degassing valve" can tell you responsibly that is for sure. After roasting the coffee beans, the coffee can be brewed immediately. Although the coffee is well packaged to avoid loss of aroma to keep it fresh. However, once this coffee is in contact with air, the moisture and oxygen in the air accelerate the oxidation process and then make the coffee quality worse. Coffee beans usually slowly release the gas remaining in them within about two weeks after roasting.

In summary, whether coffee can be kept fresh is affected by the following factors:

1. Environment: Coffee will spoil after contacting with air (more serious for coffee powder)-because it is exposed in the air for long time (the surface area of coffee powder reaction is larger)

2. Oxygen: Coffee is easily oxidized. Once the aroma components are oxidized, especially the fat, it will have the smells of spoilage

3. Temperature: The new powder will quickly absorb the moisture in the air, increase weight and reduce the effectiveness of extracting coffee ingredients, and the internal molecular pressure will make the coffee ingredients more complicated. During the roasting process, carbon dioxide is produced in the coffee beans, which also reduces the aroma.

At this time, in order to minimize these factors on affecting the quality of the coffee, the use of the coffee degassing valve seems more important. Coffee degassing valve is a packaging accessory on coffee bags, also named as the one-way degassing valve. The one-way degassing valve is usually used on coffee bags and fermented feed bags. The role of the one-way degassing valve is to timely exhaust the gas in the bag and isolate the air from entering the bag.

As a professional manufacturer of coffee exhaust valve for seven years, WOJIN has repeatedly tested the WOJIN degassing valve on the bag to prevent air from entering the roasted coffee beans and to discharge the excess carbon dioxide in the bag at the same time. Experiments have proven that both oxygen and moisture in the air will cause the coffee to lose its original aroma, thereby shortening the shelf life of the coffee and reducing the quality of the coffee, so it is important to emit carbon dioxide without allowing air to enter. So, how does the one-way degassing valve work? What is its operating principle? Next, let WOJIN degassing valve tell you the "secret" of a degassing valve.

2. Working principle of one-way exhaust valve

The one-way degassing valve is composed of a valve body, a valve sheet and a valve membrane. When the item sealed in the bag slowly generate gas to reach a slight overpressure (roasting gases), it will cause the diaphragm to expand.

With the continuous increase of gas, when the roasting gases reaches a certain pressure, the membrane rises at the position of the degassing valve sheet. The degassing valve sheet will be pushed from the inside to the outside until a channel is formed, and excess gas can escape through the channel to the outside.

After successfully exhausting the gas and compensating the pressure, the valve closes, and the diaphragm abuts against the valve body again. The item is reliably protected from external oxidation. That is, the food inside the bag can be reliably protected from external oxidation.

In summary, the working principle of the degassing valve is that when the gas generated by the items sealed in the bag reaches a certain pressure, the gas can be pushed from the inside to the outside to open the degassing valve sheet, and the excess gas is discharged outward; The valve closes automatically when the pressure reduces to a level that cannot open the valve sheet; And the valve will automatically open only when the pressure inside the bag is higher than the pressure outside the bag, otherwise it will not open, therefore the external air cannot enter the bag.

How does a degassing valve work

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Originally published 10 Apr 2020, updated 10 Apr 2020.


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