How to choose a suitable coffee packaging bag

01 Jun 2018

At present, the main terminal sales forms of coffee are coffee beans and coffee powder. Coffee beans and coffee powder are packed with glass bottle, metal can, vacuum bag sealed package and few low end industries use plastic bottle. Kraft paper bag and aluminum foil bag is the commonest used packaging bag at present. How on earth do the customers choose the best one in all kinds of coffee packaging bag? Now Wojin plastic production factory introduces the mistery inside the coffee bag. ShundeWojin plastic production factory, a market leading, is a comprehensive integrating production, processing, sales and trade in four aspects. It not only leads the development trend of the products in the aluminum foil packaging industry, but also leads in the plastic processing industry, majoring in coffee degassing valve, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper bag and fermented feed bag. Wojin plastic production factory is the only manufacturer who focuses on the production of coffee degassing valve in the market and while the raw material is imported from the United States, the products meet the EU standards.

1. Color selection of coffee packaging bag

There is a little secret that many people don’t know. In fact, the color of coffee packaging bag has its own regularity. According to the established practices in the industry, the color of the finished coffee packaging reflects the characteristics of the coffee to some extent.

Blue packaging bag usually stands for the decaffeinated coffee.

Red packaging bag, which tends to be heavy, quickly wakes the drinker up from last night’s dream.

Gold packaging bag means rich and honor, indicating the best of the coffee.

Black packaging bag is for high quality coffee Arabica.

2. The shape of coffee packaging bag

There are four common types of Wojin coffee packaging bag: self-sealing bag, side gusseted bag, four edge-sealing bag, eight edge-sealing bag, zipper bag.

3. The barrier property of coffee bag

The coffee bag should be sealed in order to guarantee the freshness of coffee. The sealing effect can be known by observing whether the packing bag is installed with a one way degassing valve. Coffee is sensitive to the external influences. So first a barrier should be set for the packaging bag, which can be helpful to avoid interference from oxygen, ultraviolet ray and other factors.

4. The relation between coffee packaging bag and coffee degassing valve

In fact, the coffee beans will release the carbon dioxide naturally after baking. If the gas stays in the package, the quality of coffee beans will be affected. Sealed the package with aluminum foil bag, Wojin one way degassing valve can take the released carbon dioxide out of the package to avoid the coffee to produce peculiar smell when oxidizing, affecting the quality of the coffee.

The difference between one way degassing valve and other product is that the one way degassing with filter can isolate the influence of powder material on the degassing valve. At the same time, the air in the packing bag can be discharged without letting the solid (including dust) out and the outside air can’t enter into the bag.As long as you squeeze the package, you can smell the coffee and choose what you like.

In a general sense, one way degassing valve has improved the shock-resistance ability of plastic packaging bag. When the packing bag full of goods falls from the height in the transportation, the inside gas can be discharged through the one way degassing valve, which can reduce the shock wave generated by residual air in the bag and reduce or avoid the resulting burst.

Above all, do you know how to choose the most suitable coffee packaging bag? Welcome to Wojin plastic production factory. There is a large number of degassing valve, coffee packaging bags, fermented feed bag for your choice.

How to choose a suitable coffee packaging bag

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Originally published 01 Jun 2018, updated 01 Jun 2018.


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