How to choose the suitable exhaust valve

08 Jan 2020

Q1: What are the types of exhaust valves on the market?

A1: There are two types of exhaust valve on the market, the first one is built-in type exhaust valve, while another is an external type. The built-in type will be installed inside the bag, and it will be installed by the pressure valve machine by using the hot pressure. The external type is usually a SMD, the user only needs to poke a small hole on the bag and stick the SMD exhaust valve on the hole. The second type of valve is convenient and efficient while works the same as the built-in type of valve. We provide the build-in exhaust valve WJ1901 (with filter net) and WJ1902 (without filter net), degradation valve Bio1001 and Bio1002, external exhaust valve WJ01P and WJ02P. Customer can choose the suitable type from this range.

Q2: How to install the exhaust valve on the bag?

A2: The one-way exhaust valve is our core product. The installation of exhaust valve will need the pressure valve machine in our company to hot pressing it on the bag.

How to choose the suitable exhaust valve

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Originally published 08 Jan 2020, updated 08 Jan 2020.


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