How to store coffee beans and coffee powder

06 Jun 2018

Before the whole package of coffee beans is unpacked, the carbon dioxide inside the bag can be discharged by installing the one way degassing valve, while the outside air can never enter into the bag, which can guarantee the freshness of the coffee. But what if the package of coffee beans is unpacked, how to preserve the freshness of the unwrapped coffee beans?

With the mainstream of human development, more and more people are fond of drinking coffee and some people even have a drink every day. But many people have never learned much about coffee and they used to buy the instant coffee. A lot of people who don’t know about coffee ask why we buy coffee bean, because we have to grind it. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to buy coffee powder?

Actually, the preservation of coffee bean and coffee powder is worth learning. The shelf time of coffee bean is longer than coffee powder. In addition, the taste will be much better through freshly ground because the freshly ground coffee is more coffee flavor. Many customers were worried about the storage of coffee beans and coffee powder. Today, Wojin plastic production factory, a manufacturer specializing in the production of one way degassing valve and valve applicator, dispels the confusion professionally for you.

A lot of people see many small holes which actually are coffee one way degassing valve in the packaging bag. Coffee is famous for its chemical composition and attractive flavor, but it also becomes fragile, decaying and difficult to store. Because of the carbon dioxide and aromatic substances released from the coffee beans, as well as the entry of air and water vapor from the outside, the quality of the coffee beans has been greatly different from other. In addition, the chemical prescription of the coffee beans themselves should be taken into account and the factors such as temperature, light, which can affect the reaction rate, making coffee fresh and lasting really difficult to achieve. The famous company, Illy coffee pot, which is packed with insert gas, claims to support the aroma of the coffee. It becomes its patent but greatly increase the cost of packaging.

In order to let the coffee bean breathe and slow down the decay of the coffee, one way degassing valve is equipped on the coffee bag and some holes are punched on the surface of the bag in which the one way degassing valve is sealed. So the carbon dioxide released by the baked coffee can be discharged automatically to the outside of the bag but the outside air can never enter into the bag. It effectively ensures the coffee beans are dry and fresh and does not cause the breakage of the bag due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide. At the same time, it also prevents the coffee beans from being sucked into the air and accelerates oxidation.

The advantages of Wojin one way degassing valve are:

1. It is good for preservation. The fresher the coffee beans, the stronger its aroma. If the coffee beans don’t have a way to keep fresh, their aroma will quickly go away.

2. Because the one way degassing valve is equipped on the plastic packaging bag, in the process of stacking, the residual air in the bag packed with goods is squeezed from the bottom of the bag to the upper part and discharged through the one way degassing valve in the weight of the cargo in the packaging bag, which can improve the stability of stacking and increase the height of stacking.

3. Shock-resistance ability of the packaging bag can be improved. When the packing bag full of goods falls from the height in the transportation, the inside gas can be discharged through the one way degassing valve, which can reduce the shock wave generated by residual air in the bag and reduce or avoid the resulting burst.

4. One way degassing valve can prevent the outside air from entering into the bag and protect the inner objects from being oxidized, polluted and deteriorated, which is mainly used in packing bags, storage bags, freshness protection bags, etc.

5. The difference between Wojin one way degassing valve and other product is that the one way degassing with filter can isolate the influence of powder material on the degassing valve. At the same time, the air in the packing bag can be discharged without letting the solid (including dust) out and the outside air can’t enter into the bag.

How to store coffee beans and coffee powder

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Originally published 06 Jun 2018, updated 06 Jun 2018.


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