how to test quality of wojin coffee valve

how to test quality of wojin coffee valve

WOJIN is not only the expert in manufacture of coffee valve, it also in roasting nice coffee.

There are various of coffee in our office that are packaged in the aluminum foil bag with the coffee valve made by ourselves.We often make and enjoy our high quality coffee.Why we store such many coffee in the office and make coffee frequently?Our main purpose is not for enjoying,but test and checkout the quality of our one way degassing valve.

Recently,we did an experiment to test the quality of our one way degassing valve. We used Belgian coffee pot to make coffee to get the answer. The coffee bean we used was stored in the aluminum foil bag with WOJIN one way degassing valve on March 28th,2015.The coffee’s flavor was the same as original though it has been stored in the bag over 5 months.The coffee was wonderful and all of us enjoyed it.We can taste such wonderful coffee due to WOJIN high quality one way degassing valve.WOJIN one way degassing valve can help coffee keep it’s freshness for a longer time than others .So all of the coffee we store in the office still in high quality.

We’ve ever used some coffee valves of other companies and placed them in the aluminum foil bags to store our coffee.As a result,they really let us down because their coffee valve is in a low quality.The coffee we’ve stored in the bag only for several weeks has lost it’s flavor and aroma due to the negative effect of the air entered the bag.The result shows that their coffee valve can’t help to fresh the coffee for a longer time.So the coffee actually shortens it’s life and causes the bitter and stale taste that customers hate.

Many people want to know which is the best coffee valve in the market?There isn’t any answer if we don’t compare with others.After comparing,we got the answer that WOJIN one way degassing valve is the best coffee valve in the market.Our company puts great emphasis on the quality of our coffee valve.We guarantee the quality of our product and be responsible for our customers.We are proud of the high quality of our one way degassing valve.It’s our responsibility to help you to keep freshness of your coffee.

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