import coffee valve from wojin coffee valve

import coffee valve from wojin coffee valve

I run a package company in India,there are so many brand of coffee valves company,our company names Knack Flexipack,we mainly offer the coffee bag ,or food package.We have our own Semi-automatic valve applicator machine here.But we need the coffee valve.Before I contact Wojin’s Hebe Mai,I have other supplier from India,if ok,I would like to order from local.But I still let Hebe send us some coffee valve sample.

After I have several coffee valve sample from some supplier ,including Wojin Coffee Valve,I start to check the quality of every coffee valve sample.

But at last I choose import 150,000pcs coffee valve from Wojin Coffee Valve.

I noticed that the quality of the Wojin coffee valve are very good,and they have enough store every month,the stable lead time.

From Knack Flexipack