03 May 2017

Coffee beans in the baking process will produce carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is related to the degree of roasting of coffee beans. The degree of roasting deepens the amount of carbon dioxide released from coffee beans. The carbon dioxide gas released during the baking process is initially attached to the surface of the coffee bean and then is released from the surface. The release of a large amount of carbon dioxide from a coffee bean in a coffee bag could break the bag. Therefore, from a security point of view, it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide.

So far, there are three ways to prevent the explosion of coffee bags.

First, let the coffee beans "old". This method is put baked coffee beans about 1-3 days, let it gradually release carbon dioxide. This method does not need to worry about the oxidation of coffee beans, but with the release of carbon dioxide, the aroma of coffee will be taken away. The second way is to put a deoxidizer in the bag, which absorbs both carbon dioxide and oxygen, but it absorbs a portion of the aroma of coffee. The third method is to install a one way valve on the coffee bag, baked coffee beans release of carbon dioxide gas automatically discharged out of the bag.

The above three methods, the first and two methods will take away the aroma of coffee, only the method of installing one way valve in the coffee bag can absolutely guarantee the flavor of coffee.

The one way valve is installed on the bag so that the gas in the bag reaches the set pressure and then passes through the valve, but the outside air can not enter the bag.


The one way valve is the functional packaging bag accessories that only allowing gas to flow in one direction, and block the outside air into.Mainly used in the coffee bag, coffee bean bag, ground coffee bag, craft paper coffee bag, aluminum foil bag etc that the flexible packaging need to be exhaust gas.

one way valve is made of food grade PE material and food grade silica gel, only exhaust air, with a high degree of sensitivity. Its advantage is environmental protection, no pollution, 100% from the United States of raw materials, the use of new materials, absolutely no renovation materials. one way valve with a high degree of safety, reassuring. It approved food grade inspection report to the authority of the third party, the materials are in line with the EU ROHS testing standards, strict implementation of food packaging materials in accordance with the requirements of FDA. It is not only suitable for coffee beans and other granular objects, also suitable for coffee powder and other powder like objects.

The importance of a one way valve for coffee beans: After the one way valve is installed on the packaging bag, the carbon dioxide gas generated by the roasted coffee beans is discharged out of the bag, and the bag can not be exploded. In addition, the one way valve can also block the outside air into the bag, to avoid the oxidation of coffee beans and lead to rapid dissemination of fragrance, so as to ensure the absolute flavor of coffee.

The importance of one way valve for coffee powder: one way valve with a filter can be separated from the powder material into the exhaust valve, while allowing the packaging bag gas discharge function. It ensures that the dust inside the bag can not go through the coffee valve, but also to ensure that the outside air can not enter the bag.

The one way valve guarantee the flavor of dry and mellow coffee beans and coffee powder effectively, also ensure the bag not accumulation and expansion because of carbon dioxide, and prevent the inner packing of coffee beans or coffee powder is oxidized tainted. If you do not install a one way valve, the preservation period of the coffee beans and coffee powder will be greatly reduced. The installation of one way valve in the coffee bag can guarantee the flavor of coffee at least half a year.

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Originally published 03 May 2017, updated 03 May 2017.


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