importance of wojin one way degassing valve

16 Sep 2015

importance of wojin one way degassing valve

WOJIN one way degassing valve is a small plastic product that is designed for coffee packaging.Many people don’t know why it is placed in the coffee bag.Some think It’s the hole for smelling the aroma of coffee in order to help customers to choose the coffee they want.Some even think it’s function only for decorate.Actually they are wrong.Both these two are not the real function of WOJIN one way degassing valve.

So,what’s the real function of WOJIN one way degassing valve?As we all know,coffee packaging is important to keep the flavor of coffee.However, coffee packaging is a flexible work.Coffee packaging is good or not greatly depends on the quality of coffee valve.In a word,the real function of coffee valve is help keeping the flavor of coffee.

It’s a common sense that many external factors especially CO2 gases would break down and degrade the original flavor coffee drinkers desire .Additionally, the CO2 would stay in the bag and might make the bag explode finally.WOJIN coffee valve is developed to eliminate this cause of flavor loss in coffee and avoid the explode of the bag.It helps vent away the carbon dioxide inside created during the roasting process while prevent oxygen enter the bag.This one way degassing valve removes the gas that over time breaks down and destroys coffee flavor so that the coffee can prolong it’s life-span and keep freshness for a longer time.

WOJIN one way degassing valve has a great impact on coffee packaging.

Obviously it occupies a unique position in the field of coffee packaging due to it’s high quality.All of our customers think highly of our product and establish a truth with us because WOJIN one way degassing valve can effectively keep good flavor of their coffee.

importance of wojin one way degassing valve

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Originally published 16 Sep 2015, updated 16 Sep 2015.


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