Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

26 Aug 2019

To continue the ‘brewing method’ topic we mentioned before, let`s give further information to you. To take myself as an example, I only know about Espresso Brewing and French Press since I started to drink coffee, in fact, there is more than that about the brewing methods. At the same time, different brewing methods can make the same coffee bean release more layers of flavours. I bet it will be worth to try them all in order to ensure that you do not miss anything.

Here is a list containing the most popular brewing methods:

- Espresso Machine

- Moka Pot

- AeroPress

- French Press

- The Vacuum Pot (Siphon)

- Chemex

- Hario V60

- Vietnamese Phin

- Cold Drip Brewing (aka Cold Brew)

- Turkish Coffee

When we talked about pressure brewed coffee, ‘espresso’ must be the first word jump out from your brain. In fact, Moka Pot and AeroPress are two other pressure brewing methods. Secondly, we can also brew via steeping, which including French Press and the Vacuum Pot (Siphon). Thirdly, to brew using filtration of dripping becomes more and more popular among coffee lover, and that refers to Chemex, Hario V60, Vietnamese Phin and Cold Brew. Last, the known Turkish Coffee is a brewing method through boiling.

Espresso Machine is one of the most common brewing methods in the world, you can easily find it in every single café and bakery. It is also the fastest way to make a cup of coffee from whole coffee bean.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

What you need to make a cup of coffee with ‘espresso’ brewing method (

The fundamental basics of an espresso machine is- pressurised water is pushed through a layer of compacted ground coffee which is contained in a port-filter. Usually, the weight of coffee powder will be about 7 grams, then to use 9 bar of power within tamping tool to make it firm, and the temperature of water should be around 90°-95°, and the brewing time is between 22-28 seconds. The milk frothing jug is another common component coming with the espresso machine, which can be used to make beautiful latte art.

By using the espresso machine, you can easily get a cup of coffee (whatever Americano or Latte) in super short time which also depends on the quality of the machine, since there is a wild range of espresso machine sold in the market. Usually, the price difference will be the difference on grind status and the coffee flavour after brewing. If the powder is too coarse, it will not clump into ideal statues, and if is too fine, it will clump excessively.

Moka Pot is a tool to help you to make a cup of expresso-shot-like-kick coffee when you find an espresso machine takes up too much space at home. Or, some coffee shops will add this as a choice for customer to try different brewing methods. A Moka Pot is contained with a top chamber, Moka Pot filter and bottom chamber. You will need to add water into the bottom chamber, and the coffee powder in the filter. The basics behind it is to use the steam from the boiling water to produce pressure to push water up through the coffee grounds into the top chamber. The pressure in a Moka Pot is about 1 bar compared to the 9 bar in an espresso machine. When you have a Moka Pot, you may also need to get a coffee grinder in case you prefer a fresher coffee taste by grinding coffee bean every day.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

Compared with the espresso machine, a Moka Pot is easy for carrying with you when you are travelling and even camping. Also, it is noticed that you will have your coffee with less aromatic oils and lack of crema compared with those made from espresso machine. At the same time, it requires some skills to help to get a good cup of coffee that you may need to practice a few times on the fire control and brewing time.

AeroPress is another easy-carry tool using the pressure to brew a cup, and this method is most known because of its versatility. It will give you the right water temperature, the right level of air pressure and the right size grind so you can enjoy an excellent tasting cup in a few minutes. The coffee flavour will contain less acidity with lower caffeine content. You want to ask for the required skill to use it? ‘Pour and push’, and there you go. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

French Press is one of the simplest brewing methods that coffee lovers will use at home, it is also considered as one the of ‘cleanest’ coffee brewing methods, which steeps coffee powder in hot water and then presses the coffee out. The coffee consistency of those made within French Press is particularly higher than drip coffee, and its flavour is complicated and various, that some people would prefer this brewing method because of its complexity. It is also suitable for those who like strong coffee.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

The Vacuum Pot, is also called Siphon, can be seen as a symbol for those who knows very well about coffee or wants to have some unique skills. This method is a full immersion brew since the coffee goes into the water, and you will need to prepare a burner or iodine-tungsten lamp to heat the pot. It is not an easy way to brew, however, you may not want to miss these- the coffee made from Vacuum Pot is very clean without any precipitate, and meanwhile, it retains the variety of flavour of coffee bean itself. Some also think it as more of a show-off brew style, and you can use it to show to friends on how technical you are in the art of brewing.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

About the other brewing methods, we will continue to share with you in the next blog. The brewing method for the coffee taste is of course important, what the coffee roaster and customer also need to consider the storage condition of the coffee bean/ground. A coffee exhaust valve with filter will be a necessary component installed on the package, therefore, the quality of the coffee ground will not be affected by the outside air. Moreover, the exhaust valve with filter is especially suitable for preserving the powdery object including the coffee powder. Hope you enjoy reading this blog and we will see you next time!

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Originally published 26 Aug 2019, updated 26 Aug 2019.


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