Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

27 Aug 2019

Hey again, we still got some more brewing methods to share with you. By continuing with the last blog, here is the list containing the most popular brewing methods:

- Espresso Machine

- Moka Pot

- AeroPress

- French Press

- The Vacuum Pot (Siphon)

- Chemex

- Hario V60

- Vietnamese Phin

- Cold Drip Brewing (aka Cold Brew)

- Turkish Coffee

Chemex. It brings a well-presented process on brewing coffee with a typical Chemex, someone described its exquisite as ‘you may want to use it as a vase rather than a brewer’. It adopted with integrated design and there are a few different sizes of it, which the smallest one is called ‘three cups’ and the amount of coffee made with it can be filled into 2 regular size mugs. If you usually need to make a couple of cups, or you are an entertainer, you can even buy a 10-cup Chemex that can be filled with 50 ounces of water.

The coffee brewed in this way has a clean and aromatic taste, which has a low to medium consistency. Chemex filters can also remove sediment, oils and fatty acids. To be noticed, you will need to master skills combined with finer details including proper grind size with corresponding water temp and coffee ground volume.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

Hario V60 is a very popular brewing method in the coffee shop nowadays, V60 refers to a particular shape of filter bowl. To be honest, when I first saw this in a coffee shop, I was totally lost and was curious to find out what it referred to. Later, I realised that I have already seen it before- barista pours water into a filter bowl with a conical funnel and you will see the coffee comes out in drops. It is suitable for those who just started to explore in ‘Pour over’ because of its easy steps but brilliant result. Same as the Chemex, the coffee taste will be clean and delicate, sometimes, you may get a multi-layered taste depending on the coffee bean. The secret behind it is the cone dripping system that it has a large hole at the bottom, the spiral ribs on the side formed its funnel shape. It will give enough time to steam the coffee ground when you need, but you also need to control the water volume and the speed on pouring. Both of Chemex and V60 will bring higher caffeine in the coffee since they both make the contact time of coffee and water longer.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

Vietnamese Phin is consisted with a Vietnamese dripper and a Vietnamese filter, which is useful to make iced coffee. You wonder the reason?

First, you don’t need to have much skills or pouring styles to use the phin, you will just need to place the whole thing at the top of your mug with its cover and wait. Second, Vietnam is one of the main places of Robusta coffee bean growth, thus, the Vietnamese iced coffee is usually made with this coffee bean. Last, the sweetened condensed milk is a ‘must’ in this iced coffee since the Robusta tastes stronger than Arabica, therefore, it will be matched with Robusta beans to create an interesting flavour.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

Steps on making your own Vietnamese iced coffee:

» Put the sweetened condensed milk into the mug

» Brew the coffee directly into it

» Mix the coffee and condensed milk thoroughly in the mug

» Pour the mixture into the chilled glass over ice

» That is it done!

The only thing you may dislike it is that you can only make one cup at a time. *An additional knowledge: In Northern Vietnam, this mixture is known as ca phe nau (brown coffee), while in Southern Vietnam it’s called ca phe sua (milk coffee).

Cold Brew means exactly what it sounds: coffee that are brewed cold, however, it is not the same meaning as iced coffee. It brings difference compared with regular coffee on the aspect of acidity and taste. To achieve the cold brew, you will need a slow dripping cold filter and you will need to wait for 10 hours or more. After your sincere patience, you will be rewarded with a strong, intense and unique coffee taste, there will be no acidity or bitterness, thus the taste will have a super smooth finish. Or, you can also use a mason jar to make your cold brewed coffee with easier steps. Similar with cold tea you put the tea bag into a bottle of cold water and wait at least one night, you will find it can also bring out the great smell of tea.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

Turkish Coffee is one of the famous brewing methods via boiling, which is similar with the traditional way that Ethiopian brews coffee. Once I entered to a Ethiopian friend`s house, the whole atmosphere was surrounded by the greatest coffee smell ever. It was a pity that I had not fall in love with coffee at that moment, otherwise I would have a great chance to brew a cup of coffee. About the Turkish coffee, there is a legend that almost everyone knows- after you drink your coffee in the particular cup, the shape that made by remaining coffee can be used for fortune-telling.

Usually, you will need some very finely ground coffee beans to make Turkish coffee, and you will get strong but beautiful tasting with a think foam on top. The lower temperature of Turkish coffee can make the bitter taste of boiled coffee disappeared. The amount of coffee powder needed will be 2/3 less compared with those for other brewing methods. If you want to try, you can add cardamom and cinnamon to help with digestion (sounds interesting…).

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

That is the end of some introduction about brewing methods and I hope you have learned some new stuff from it. What is more, if you want to grind the coffee bean by yourself for a more freshness taste, remember to buy from the coffee shop which adds exhaust valve on the package. The one is suitable for coffee beans will be without the filter compared the one used for powdery product. Next time, we will talk about the coffee kit you may need for different use.

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Originally published 27 Aug 2019, updated 27 Aug 2019.


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