never ignore one way degassing valve

never ignore one way degassing valve

I remember I had ever shared a real story with you of myself in my previous blog.The story is about a query after I drank two cups of coffee in a nice decorated coffee shop.

When I ordered coffee in that coffee shop,I was hesitated because I couldn’t decide which coffee should I order in front of many coffee that were roasted in different time.Finally I accept the waitress’ suggestion and ordered a cup of coffee that was roasted recently,and I also order a further cup of coffee roasted in September.However,what was unexpected was there was a big difference between those coffee though they are roasted in a close time.The coffee roasted recently that is in November is far better than the one roasted in September.I was puzzled and wondered why the coffee roasted in September would has such a bad taste.I observed the coffee and the coffee packaging but found nothing.I could only saw the material of coffee packaging is aluminum and both of them have a coffee valve.

After I post my blog and public my query,many readers have been interacting with me and discussed this question with me.Some readers shared many different views with me,and most of them mentioned to the coffee valve because they thought the main reason is the coffee valve that remind me of that we can not ignore the one way degassing valve.

Firstly,let’s understand the important function of one way degassing valve in coffee packaging.We all know that the freshness is critical to coffee quality which the customers care about most.So,what the most important thing the coffee producers concerned is how to keep their coffee fresh to meet the requirement of the customers.To solve this problem,they should never ignore the one way degassing vale due to the it can truly help them to keep their coffee fresh.

Air,moisture,sun light and high temperature are four enemies of fresh coffee,In order to against these enemies,most coffee producers would choose sealed coffee bags to store their roasted coffee.However,the roasted coffee would release lots of CO2,the CO2 would stay in the coffee bag that may lead to explode.The one way degassing vale is the best helper for this problem.It can help releasing the CO2 inside the bag while prevent the coffee from the O2 because the one way degassing valve do not allow the O2 enter the coffee bag to damage the fresh coffee.Therefor,the one way degassing valve in necessary to fresh coffee that should not be ignore.

However,only pay attention to use a one way degassing is not enough to keep the coffee fresh.What’s more,producers should not ignore the quality of the one way degassing valve.They have to sure whether or not the one way degassing valve is good because that would has a critical influence on the coffee quality.Only a good one way degassing valve is good for keeping coffee fresh and maximizing the coffee’s life,while the bad one way degassing valve would lead to opposite result of that we hope.The reason is that not only a bad one way degassing valve can’t release the CO2 inside effectively,but also allow the O2 enter the bag to damage the coffee so that lead to a faster damages.

Combine the researching and discussion with the readers,I finally know one way degassing valve plays a very important role in keeping coffee fresh.The one way degassing valve is the most likely answer that I looking for for the query that I mentioned at the beginning.Well,after analysis,we know the importance of one way degassing valve at least.Please remember,never ignore one way degassing valve if you want to fresh your roasted coffee.

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Originally published 12 Mar 2016, updated 12 Mar 2016.

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