new logo wojin company coffee valve

new logo wojin company coffee valve

WOJIN company coffee valve had established for 3 years,in these 3 years,we have got good grade in every aspects,and the development of our company has reached a new stage.In the past 3 years,we strove,innovated and made progress continually,WOJIN has experienced a process from immature to mature and from weak to strong,now it gains a high position and a huge achievement in the coffee filed.However,we are not just satisfied with the current achievement,we are still pursuing bigger progress.Recently,we have made some innovations,for example,we have reformed our system,promoted our products,and what’s more is we have changed and adjusted our logo.

As we all know,logo is a special mark that used to distinguish the brand and service of an operator from other operators.Logo can transmit the company image to people,so our company always takes it very seriously.After we did adjustment in other aspects,we spend much time changing our logo.Through carefully discussed and designed,we finally finished changing our new logo.

Firstly,compare to the old logo,we also take the English name of our company as our logo because we engage in international trade,it’s obviously that the English name is more internationalized than Chinese name,and it’s easy for foreigners to understand our company’s logo and service area.Secondly,our new logo still follows the principle of simple,easy to pronounce and remember rather than complicated.Although the design is simple,it has a nice transitivity so that it can correctly transmit the company image.Thirdly,our new logo also aims to express our positive value. However,there are some differences from old logo,what is the main change is the color of the logo.Firstly,the main color of the new logo is dark green and dark blue while the old logo is light green and light blue,the change of the color shows the maturer side of WOJIN.Secondly,we added a green and blue diamond pattern to the new logo,and there is a white W in the center on the diamond pattern.This pattern like the blueprint of WOJIN,the W represents WOJIN,both the change and the collocation show the change of WOJIN from immature to mature,and give expression to the prospect and determination that WOJIN would has a more prosperous and successful future.Thirdly,we also change the script of the logo,the script of the mew logo is more plump than old logo,and with the collocation of the dark green and dark blue,it looks maturer and more harmonious,the better visual effect can give people a more comfortable feeling and stronger infection.

With the development of the times,our company is also developing,of course,our logo should follows the steps.As the gold supplier of one way degassing valve around the world,WOJIN should transmit a maturer,more professional and internationalized company image to the clients through every aspects including the logo.We have tried and we will continue to try our best to provide better products and service to our clients.

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