one valve way coffee funny jokes

17 Feb 2016

one valve way coffee funny jokes

Are you tired due to the hard work?Do you want to relaxed for a while?Look at here, one way valve would like to share you several funny jokes about coffee bring you a relaxing time,just have a fun.


Three tortoises decide to have coffee,it’s raining when they just reach the gate of the coffee shop.

The eldest tortoise looks at the youngest tortoise and says,”you,go back home to bring the umbrellas.”

The smallest tortoise says:”if you don’t drink my coffee,I’ll go back home and bring the umbrellas.”

“We won’t.”The two elder tortoises say.

Two years past,the eldest tortoise says,”I gust he will not come back,we can drink his coffee now.”

Then a similar voice comes from outside the door,”If you drink my coffee,I will not go back home to bring the umbrellas.”


A Russians customer enters a coffee shop and orders a cup of coffee.

After a while,a waiter brings the coffee for him and says,”Sir,this is your coffee.This coffee is good,it’s pure natural,carried from Brazil.”

The Russians has a taste,then says satisfied,”that’s great,the coffee is still hot though carried from such a far place.”


A naughty snake steals and eats an elephant’s coffee bean.The elephant is very angry and chases the snake,but the snake runs fast into the hole.The elephant is depressed,he decide to stay in the gate of the hole because he thinks the snake would go out after the sunset.At this time, an earthworm goes out from the hole,the elephant threats and asks the earthworm loudly,”little guy,where is your father?”


During the rest time,a girl and a colleague are making coffee in the rest room.The girl suddenly asks,”which hand you usually use to stir the coffee?Left hand or right hand?”

“Right hand.”The colleague answer without any hesitation.

The girl seriously says,”How fierce you are!You don’t afraid of hot,I always use the spoon to stir the coffee.”


A lady enters a famous coffee shop and orders a cup of hot latte.When the waiter brings the coffee for her,she founds that there is not a spoon to stir the coffee.She said,”the coffee is so hot,do you want me use my hand to stir it?”The waiter says sorry to the lady,then brings the coffee and leaves.

Three minute later,the waiter comes back,he brings the coffee that there are some ice is added into it.The waiter says,”well,miss,now the temperature is reduced,you can use your hand to stir the coffee.”


One day,a person goes to a coffee shop,he asks the waiter,”do you have ice coffee?”

The waiter answers politely,”sorry,our ice coffee is sold out,please come early nest time.”

The second day,he goes to this coffee shop again,he asks the waiter the same question,”do you have ice coffee?”

The waiter answers politely,”sorry,our ice coffee is sold out,please come early nest time.”

The third day,he goes to the coffee shop,he asks the waiter the same question,”do you have ice coffee?”

The waiter says,”yes,only one cup of ice coffee left.”

The customer says excited,”that’s good,heat it,please.”


A rich man invites a poor person to drink coffee in a coffee shop.

A waiter comes around them and asks politely,”what kind of coffee do you want to drink?”

The rich man says,”a cup of latte,please.”

The poor person also says,”a cup of coffee,please.”

The waiter asks,”do you want some sugar?”

The rich person knocks the table twice,the waiter quickly gets it.(The rich man is their frequent customer,he knock the table twice mean he want two sugar)

The poor person doesn’t know the rich man’s mean,he thinks for a while,then he says,”the same with him,I want two tables of sugar.”


It is said that coffee can help losing weigh.A fat women who still want to own slim body asks her friend how to lose weigh with coffee.Her friend says it’s easy to lose weigh with coffee,she asks the fat lady prepare 100g of coffee bean and 500ml water.The step is drink 500ml first,then throw the 100g of coffee bean on the floor and pick them up.She says doing this thing three times every day and resist for one month,an obviously effect can be seen.

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Originally published 17 Feb 2016, updated 17 Feb 2016.


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