one way degassing valve go to the top of the industry

one way degassing valve go to the top of the industry

Nowadays, more and more packaging machinery enterprises have faced a trouble that is carbon dioxide released by the baked coffee can’t drain normally out of the coffee bag, resulting in breaking the bag. If you poke a few holds on the coffee bag, the carbon dioxide in the bag can be directly released but it will also speed up the metamorphic process, affecting the taste of coffee. Because of substantially increasing the contact area with air, after the fresh baked coffee being grinded into powder, the oxidation will be accelerated.

Many packaging machinery enterprises are the thinking about the same problem. The baked coffee will release a lot of carbon dioxide in one or two weeks. So how to preserve the coffee beans in an isolated environment? How can we not only prevent the outside air from entering the coffee bag but also discharge the carbon dioxide produced by the baked coffee so the inside objects will not be oxidized and got moldy? Actually it’s not just coffee beans, coffee powder that produce carbon dioxide when they come to packaging. In daily life, silage and straw feed will also produce gases in the process of fermentation.

In order to solve this problem, Shunde Wojin plastic production factory is specialized in the development, production and sale of plastic one way degassing valve. It’s the only production line which imports the Japanese fully automatic production equipment for processing filter. Wojin plastic production factory mainly produces two kinds of one way degassing valve. One is one way degassing valve with filter which is applied to powder articles like fermented feed and coffee powder. The other is one way degassing valve without filter which is suitable for coffee beans or large granulated goods. one way degassing valve well solved the problem of releasing the carbon dioxide, which can remove the gas from coffee bag or fermented feed bag and keep the outside gas out of the bag. So it ensures that the inside products are dampproof and intact. One way degassing valve with filter not only can filter the powder in the packaging bag and prevent the powder from spewing out of the packaging bag and causing waste.

Many buyers suggest: “a large amount of coffee bag must be equipped with one-way degassing valve in the market. Or else, they will not buy the coffee bag without one-way degassing valve”. However, as an emerging product, one-way degassing is different from vacuum packaging and nitrogen-filled packaging. Many packaging plants and machinery plants are glad to have one-way degassing valve but are also troubled by this little plastic too.

So how to combine the little plastic with coffee aluminum bag, kraftpaper bag and fermented feed bag?

In the face of all kinds of problems, ShundeWojin plastic production factory can solve the problems at one time. In order to meet the customers’ need, Wojin plastic production factory has been at the forefront of industrial development. After the development of VM01 and VM02 semi-automatic degassing valve pressing machine, VM03 is improved and produced gradually on the basis of VM01. On the basis of VM02, VM04 automatic valve pressing machine is produced and improved. There are four different choices in total. The four types of pressing machine are simple and easy to operate.Different types of pressing machine have different speed on pressing, which can meet the different demands of large, medium and small packaging machinery factory for the efficiency of valve pressing. Meanwhile, Wojin plastic production factory also sell aluminum bag, kraft paper bag, fermented feed bag, etc. from one-way degassing valve, valve pressing machine to different kinds of packaging bag, it can be fully proved that Wojin plastic production factory not only walks at the tip of industry and at the same time, it professionally provide customers with one-stop service.

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