one way degassing valve Americano

22 Mar 2016

one way degassing valve Americano

one way degassing valve to tell you that Americano is one of the most general coffee.Any coffee has its especial coffee culture, including Americano.

The most obvious feature of Americano is free.Americano make coffee just like play a game without any rule,while European make has many rules in making coffee.Americano plays an important role in Americans’ life,many Americano think that their life isn’t real life if they leave coffee.Whether at homes,in offices,or public places,vending machine can be seen everywhere in America.Americans can not leave coffee almost 24 hours,so,Americans drink one third of coffee in the world and become the largest coffee consumption country.

Generally,Americans are busy in their life,they don’t have enough leisure time to enjoy their life like Europeans and Middle East people.Americans usually make a big pot of Americano to enjoy in a whole day.They added much water into the espresso,so the Americano has light coffee taste,therefor,many people think the Americano does not has good taste so that they don’t like having it.

It is said that the first spacecraft Apollo that manned lunnar landing broke down and the astronauts faced a matter of life and death.At that time the Americans comforted them and what the word they said is come on,the wonderful Americano is waiting for you.This fact can prove that the Americano has a very important influence on Americans life.

one way degassing valve Americano

Anericano is easy to make,it only requires simply equipment.In general,a cup of Americano is composed of double espresso and 30ml to 470ml hot water.Due to lots of hot water added in to the espresso,the Americano has lighter taste than espresso.Except this,the aroma of Americano would suffer more or less destroy,and it can’t be kept for a long time.Though the Americano added much hot water,it has the same among of caffeine with general coffee.But,It had lower Calories.

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Originally published 22 Mar 2016, updated 22 Mar 2016.


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