one way degassing valve aeropress

one way degassing valve aeropress

one way degassing valve

one way degassing valve knows that Nowadays only one company called Aerobie in California, the United States produces AeroPress, which means in addition to the differences in volume and capability, the shapes of AeroPress are all the same and printed the logo of "AeroPress". So the AeroPress are all knockoffs if they are with different shapes or being produced in different places.

1. Structure:

Plunger, plunger seal, filter tube, filter cap, filter holder, paper filter, stir, funnel.

2. Feature:

The coffee made by AeroPress owns some crema and foam.

3. Usages:

1) Grind coffee beans into the level of medium coarse;

2) Scoop ground coffee into filter tube;

3) Add water: Add water coming above the ground coffee fairly;

4) Stir the coffee gently;

5) Add water again: Top up the water then let the coffee brew for one minute;

6) In the process of brewing, put the paper filter to the filter cap and saturate it by warm water;

7) Cover and screw the filter cap, then invert the AeroPress and put it on a stable coffee cup;

8) Press the plunger to the bottom and squeeze the coffee totally, be careful not to push it too strong to leak the gas and pressure, try to press it at a time;

9) Move the filter tube and plunger away.

A cup of coffee made by AeroPress is done now. Do you understand how to do?