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16 Dec 2015

one way degassing valve would like to tell you that Belgian coffee pot also named Balancing Siphon or Vienna coffee pot.This kind of coffee pot brew coffee by vacuum way,it use the level principle to transform the press into the power to control the coffee pot.Brew coffee with Belgian coffee pot is a very interesting process,so many people enjoy making coffee with it.However,many beginners do not know how to use this beautiful coffee pot to make coffee.Let’s discuss together.

Firstly,If you are a beginner,you should learn how does the Belgian coffee pot work.The Belgian coffee pot is composed of a transparent glass pot that used to hold ground coffee and a metal pot used to boil water,there is a siphon connect the glass pot and metal pot.Use the alcohol burner to boil the water in the metal pot,the water would flow into the glass pot to brew coffee when it is boiling and produce the press.When the fire is died out,the temperature drop and the coffee flow back to the metal pot,the coffee is ready.Turn on the small faucet,the coffee would flow into your coffee cup.

Then you can follow the following steps to make coffee with Belgian coffee pot.

1.Pour appropriate water into the metal pot,and close the lid.

2.put the fine grinding or medium grinding ground coffee into the glass pot,and close the lid.

3.Light the alcohol burner and let the its lid is stuck with the metal pot.

4.Then you just need to wait and enjoy the amazing processing.

5.When the alcohol burner is died out automatically,you can enjoy your good taste coffee.

Make coffee with Belgian coffee pot seems complicated,but actually it is very simple.You just need to put the ground coffee and pour the water,then light the burner,that’s ok.By the way,there many details you should pay attention to when you use the Belgian coffee pot.For example,how to clean and maintain it,and the most important point is for your safety,you must die out the fire when you add the light oil into the alcohol burner.

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Originally published 16 Dec 2015, updated 16 Dec 2015.


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