one way degassing valve coffee camel feed

one way degassing valve coffee camel feed

Roasted coffee bean,is dark and round,what do you think it looks like? one way degassing valve knows some think it looks like small black stone,some think it likes animal feces, and I think it looks like a black pill.However,in the 17th century in Vienna,the Viennese regard the coffee bean as the camel feed.That’s a funny thing.

This story is about the coffee spread to Vienna.In 1683,Turkish army threatened to attack Europe,lots of garrison surrounded and were stationed outside Vienna for a long time.The count who was responsible for Vienna army urgently needed a courier to broke Turkish army to ask nearby Poland army to rescue Vienna.Georg Franz Kolschitzky,who wore Turkish soldier’s cloth to dressed as a Turkish soldier and fished the task because he had been stayed in Arab for many years,then Turks failed and ran away.

Turks leaf many things in Vienna including tents,cattle,camels,sheep,honey,rice,gold and 5 bag of strange bean.At that time,Viennese though this strange bean is the camel feed,they wanted to burn it.Georg Franz Kolschitzky felt the familiar taste and immediately stopped Viennese burning the bean continually.He shouted,”my god,that’s the coffee you guys is burning!If you don’t know what’s this,please give it to me,I can make good use of it.”Georg Franz Kolschitzky once carefully observed the way that Turks make coffee,so he knew the how to roast coffee,grinding coffee and make coffee,then he used these coffee and opened a blue bottle coffee shop in Vienna soon.At first,Georg Franz Kolschitzky made coffee as the Turks’ way,he only added a little sugar,then he improved the way in order to meet the local people’s taste,he filtered out the coffee grounds and added some milk into the coffee.

In a period of several decades after that time,coffee became the inoitantia of intellectual in Vienna,they like gathering in coffee shops to communicate and work.Coffee is popular with Viennese and more and more coffee shop were opened.

Coffee has experienced a long history and still be loved by people,not only because it can make people energetic,but because of it’s wonderful aroma and taste.Nowadays,how to preserve it’s original fresh flavor for a longer time is one of most important questions for coffee industry,I strongly advise allowing the fresh coffee to be packaging with a good coffee valve.

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