one way degassing valve coffee etiquette

10 Sep 2015

Coffee is an magical beverage that attract so many consumer to enjoy it.You may love coffee and know many things about coffee,but are you sure that you know the right way to drink this popular beverage?

one way degassing valve coffee etiquette
one way degassing valve coffee etiquette

There are some etiquette teach you how to enjoy your delicious coffee in a right way.

How to hold the coffee cup?

You can’t put all your fingers through the cup handles even with the big cups.The right way to hold the coffee cup is pinch the coffee cup with your thumb and forefinger.

one way degassing valve coffee etiquette

How to use the spoon?

Coffee spoon is used to stir the coffee.Take it out and put it on the tray when you are drinking the coffee.Don’t use the spoon to drink the coffee or to mash the cubic sugar.

How to put sugar?

There are two ways to put sugar into the cup.One is use the coffee spoon to ladle out the sugar and directly put into the cup.The other is clip the cubic sugar to the tray where is close to our body then use the spoon.Do not hold the coffee cup when adding the sugar or milk.

one way degassing valve coffee etiquette

What if the coffee is too hot?

Use the coffee spoon stir and cool down the coffee,or just let it cool down by itself.It’s very rude to try to make it cool by blowing it with mouth.But coffee should be tasted when it’s hot because it will lose it’s flavor when becoming cool.

How to use the coffee cup and tray?

The coffee cups and trays should be put in front or on the right of the drinker with the cup handle pointing to the right.When you drink the coffee,use the right hand to hold the cup and the left hand to hold the tray,slowly move it close to the mouth and taste the coffee.Do not hold the whole the whole cup with your hand and swing the coffee .Do not make noisy when drinking the coffee.When add coffee to the cup,do not hold the cup.

Coffee and snack

It’s normal to have snack when drinking coffee but do not hold the coffee cup with one hand and snack the other.Put down the snack when you are drinking coffee and do not hold the cup when you are eating the snack.

one way degassing valve coffee etiquette

Asking a cup of ice water when enjoying coffee.

It’s better to drink coffee with a cup of ice water.Ice water can help to present the distinct flavor of coffee when you taste coffee after a taste of water.

Should you drink the whole cup of coffee off?

Coffee is a precious and expensive beverage that should not be wasted.So the the coffee should be respected and whole cup of coffee should be drunk off .If you drink coffee with friends at their home as a guest,drink the whole cup of coffee off is not only respect the coffee,but also the holders.

When drinking coffee with friends,it’s impolite to drink coffee without a break and do not talk anything or talk too much and ignore to enjoy coffee.

one way degassing valve thinks coffee appears in many occasion in our life,it often plays an important role in communication as a bridge.So it’s necessary to know the coffee etiquette and enjoy coffee in a right way.

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Originally published 10 Sep 2015, updated 10 Sep 2015.


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