one way degassing valve coffee picking

one way degassing valve coffee picking

Coffee bean is the fruit grow in the coffee tree.After carefully management for 3 or 4 years,the coffee tree is mature and bear fruit called coffee cheery on it’s branches. one way degassing valve would like to tell you that when the coffee cherry is mature,it should be picked down and experienced process.

Most of coffee arabica’s mature period is between June and August,while robusta’s is between September and October.Of course,different regions have different harvest time.Some regions,located in south of the Equator such as Brazil and Zimbabwe,their harvest time is focus on April and May.The regions located in the north of Equator such as Ethiopia and the countries of Center America usually welcome their coffee harvest time between September and November.However,the regions in the Equator like Uganda and Columbia often harvest coffee cherry almost in the whole year.

Coffee is a kind of crop that need to concentrate the labor force to engage in it’s production including picking coffee cherry.Coffee picking is divided into two categories,one is mechanical picking and the other is hand picking.And,hand picking is divided into two categories,one is whole area picking and the other is selective picking.

Mechanical picking

Mechanical picking is suitable for the coffee garden that is in a large area and the land is flat.Use this way to pick coffee cherry is very quickly,but it requires a further work to check and pick the bad coffee cherry that is not ripe enough or over ripe out because the machine pick all the fruit from the coffee tree.Many big coffee gardens of Brazil like using this way.The biggest advantage using mechanical picking is save cost while it’s efficient.Mechanical picking has obviously disadvantage that is waste the immature coffee cherries and reduce the total quality of the coffee.

Hand picking

Whole area picking is the pickers walk around the coffee garden only one time and pick all the coffee cherry.We can imagine that the coffee quality is not very good.The most widely used hand picking is selective picking that is the pickers walk around the coffee garden about every 10 days,select and pick the ripe coffee sherry only.Most high quality coffee use this way.Generally speaking,selective picking also can be divided into three categories.The first one is pickers twist all the coffee cherry into the baskets and then pick the immature coffee cherry out.The second one is the pickers shake the coffee tree to let the coffee cherry fall down to the ground from the tree,then pick the good coffee cherry into the baskets.The third one is the pickers pick the ripe coffee sherry only one by one.By comparison,the third way requires far more labor force and cost,but it can produce higher quality coffee due to the coffee cherry picked by this way has similar size and maturity,and the impurity is not concluded.

This is the brief introduction of coffee picking,it’s interesting,right?In fact,a small cup of coffee has lots of knowledge ,that’s worth leaning.

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