one way degassing valve coffee risk

26 Jan 2016

one way degassing valve coffee risk

When we drinking coffee while watching the weather forecast,we would think although the weather is increasing due to global warming,it does not have obviously influence in our life.But,do you know the gradually increasing weather is influencing coffee,the wonderful beverage we love.Coffee is facing a risk from global warming.

Many problems caused by global warming such as dry,flood and the plant diseases and insect pests are influencing the coffee production.It is said that the area of land that suitable to plant coffee would reduce by 50% in Africa in 2050.That indicate a coffee risk is coming,how will the world respond the risk?Will coffee become the luxury beverage that only can be consumed by a few people.

The weather once was stable,but now is changeable,the float of temperature is big.If weather is too cold,the coffee tree can not grow well.On the contrary,if the weather is too hot,the coffee tree is easy to be dry before the coffee cherry mature.Besides,many other climate phenomenon would appear in the coffee production area like typhoon and debris flow.These problems have been arisen in the most coffee production are in Africa,South America and Asia,lead the coffee withering and yield reduced.

This disaster would be reflected through the coffee shops near your home.At present,2billion cups coffee is needed in the world every day.How can we ensure this tasty beverage to meet our requirement when the coffee tree suffer from the bad weather.Whether we welcome the coffee peaking if the coffee farmers can not meet the market demand.

We all know that there are two kinds of commercial coffee bean are coffee arabica and coffee robusta.Arabica is more popular than robusta,however,arabica is more sensitive than robusta,it’s too weak to adapt the bad condition caused by the global warming.For example,the increasing temperature bring more rainfall,a rainstorm may prevent the coffee tree to bears fruit.The flowering phase of coffee tree have only 48 hours,if coffee tree suffer from any bad weather during the flowering phase,for example rainstorm,the coffee would have a bad harvest in this year.

It seems that coffee would has a dismal future.According to the data of global warming,some experts predicted that the area of land that suitable to plant coffee would reduce by 50%,that may cause the coffee’s price increase by 25%.

If the prediction become reality,how will the world respond?It’s no doubt that it’s hard for many coffee farmers to making a living rely on the coffee production.Maybe they would choose to plant other crops like rubber to replace coffee,maybe they would turn to plant coffee robusta,or in order to make huge profit,some coffee farmers would resist to plant arabica in the situation of demand exceeds supply with the cost of damage the eco-environment.That means lots of topical rain forest may be cut down,and this would lead to serious biodiversity loss.Of course,there are some better ways to respond this disaster.For example,improve the panting technology according to the changeable condition.That’s an effort direction of the world,but none can ensure when he can develop the ideal new variety.

The risk is real exist,so does the solution. one way degassing valve thinks whatever we choose to respond this coffee risk in the future,now we should cherish and enjoy our hard won coffee.

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Originally published 26 Jan 2016, updated 26 Jan 2016.


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