one way degassing valve coffee roasting degree

28 Feb 2016

one way degassing valve coffee roasting degree

Roasting is the most critical factor that influence the coffee taste.That is say the roasting can directly decide the coffee taste is good or not.Though green coffee bean is good,we can’t get good taste if roasting is failed. one way degassing valve would like to tell you only use good green bean,match with appropriate roasting,we can produce high quality coffee bean and provide a good precondition to make a cup of good coffee.

For roasting degree,the coffee is bitterer if the coffee bean is roasted deeper,on the contrary,coffee would have more obviously acidity of lighter roasting degree.Generally,coffee roasting degree is divided into eight categories.Which degree is chosen should according to the characteristic of the coffee bean and taste of drinkers.

1.Light roasting

Light roasting is the lightest roasting,the roasting degree is too light to bring out the aroma and body.The coffee bean is still green bean has green taste that’s not suit to grind and drink.The coffee bean roasted in this degree is usually used for experiment.

2.Cinnamon roasting

The coffee bean of cinnamon roasting has a similar color with cinnamon,that’s why it called cinnamon roasting.The coffee roasted in this degree has strong acidity,is popular in the West America.

3.Medium roasting

The coffee of medium roasting has a darker color than cinnamon roasting,it’s easy to get the original taste of coffee.This kind of coffee has good aroma and acidity,usually used to make blend coffee.

4.High roasting

The coffee of high roasting has stronger taste,the acidity is lighter.This is the common roast way and produce perfect match of acidity and bitterness,is suitable for blue mountain coffee and Kilimmanjaro coffee.This kind of coffee is loved by Japanese and North Europe people.

5.City roasting

This kind of coffee has special aroma,stronger bitterness,while the acidity is not obviously.It ‘s in New York people’s taste.

6.Full city roasting

This kind coffee has little acidity,it’s main taste is bitterness,and the high quality coffee would has wonder sweet taste.It is suit to make ice coffee,popular in Central America and South America.

7.French roasting

The color is a little black,the French roasting coffee has strong bitterness and body.There are some coffee oil on the surface of the coffee bean.It is usually made coffee with steam and press coffee pot.

8.Italian roasting

Italian roasting is the most deep roast,There are coffee oil in the surface of the coffee bean.The coffee bean is black,it has strong bitterness.In this stage,the coffee bean is too seriously carbonized to distinguish the taste of different coffee beans.This kind of coffee bean is used for Italian coffee.

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Originally published 28 Feb 2016, updated 28 Feb 2016.


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