one-way degassing valve coffee shop charm

one-way degassing valve coffee shop charm

Every weekend into every cafe, you will find many people with laptops, the cafe as their office. Anyone who has worked in a coffee shop knows that eating a muffin next to a group of strangers is particularly appealing to one piece of work. Aroma of coffee floats in the air, and there is a wonderful energy that will give you more motivation for your work. Productivity is indeed contagious. one-way degassing valve tells you that working and writing in a coffee shop will make you more creative - it's a science that is right.

The fact is, in public, there's really something in the air that makes you work more efficiently - it's the sound wave. By studying students' study in noise, the University of British Columbia found that when the background noise level was at a moderate level of -70 dB, students performed the best and offered the most creative solutions. When the amount of background noise is reduced (50 dB, the room is quiet), their performance is discounted. And the noise volume is very high (85 decibels, the sound of garbage disposal), they are the worst performing. Coincidentally, 70 decibels is exactly the volume of a cafe filled with people.

Our brains sometimes play tricks to create ‘handicaps’ - essentially, the human mind is not relaxed and functioning fast enough to process information. Therefore, a small amount of distraction is a good thing for us. When dealing with tasks that require our high degree of concentration, such as tax returns, ‘smooth’ brain processing speeds are most helpful to us.

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