21 Apr 2016


one way degassing valve thinks coffee times has come,for many people,maybe it’s not important to drink coffee,but it is very important to stay in the coffee shop.With the popularization of the coffee,more and more coffee shops have appeared in every corner in the city,coffee shop has already been the leading role of the new world.

Coffee shop,is origin from the Mecca,then is gradually spread in the whole word and become one of the tags of the modern city.The coffee shop is a popular place that people like gathering to relax or make business negotiations.The reason that the coffee shop can attract so many people is what they sale is not only the coffee,but also the quality,culture and thought.

Mention to coffee shop,the coffee shop would come to mind first is Starbucks.Starbucks was born in Seattle,America,which was started off coffee bean.Starbucks never advertise their products and service,but it has been a big chain coffee group in less than 20 years since it was established in 1985.

Coffee shop has different meanings for different people.Some people think coffee shop is a place for rest and lough of busy life.These people desire to stay in the coffee shop to avoid the trouble of the life.They enjoy holding the coffee in their hands and felling the wonderful taste of the coffee.Thus,they can drive their trouble away and relax themselves.Some people regard the coffee shop as a new start of their lives.These people give up their high paying job to engage opening coffee shops,they start a new life that is simple and happy.For some people,coffee shop is their course of inspiration,they read,write and study in there and finish many works in there.Some people regard coffee shop as a platform for the combination of different fields,many resource and information are combined there and create the productivity and surprise.


In term of the quantity of coffee shop,it is always a rising process since it was born.In term of the social influence,it is a strong power to promote the progress of the society.Such as the British Constitutional Government Movement and the American Struggle for Independent,the coffee shop played an important role.In addition to the times of social reform,coffee shop also plays a very important role in the modern society.

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Originally published 21 Apr 2016, updated 21 Apr 2016.


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