one way degassing valve espresso one

21 Dec 2015

one way degassing valve espresso one

Have you ever tasted espresso?What do you think of it,horrible or wonderful?

one way degassing valve would like to tell you that the espresso we usually say named Caffe Espresso in Italian.Espresso has two means,one is extruded or expressed and the other is short time or fast.Espresso has a beautiful name of the soul of coffee,all Italian coffee such as cappuccino and latte is made on the base of espresso.

Espresso is a cup of 30 to 45ml espresso coffee liquid made of 14 to 16g coffee bean,which is in a very fine grinding,through 9Pa press and about 90℃ hot water,extracted in a short time between 18 and 22 seconds.If is double espresso,the double ground coffee and double water also should be brewed in the same time with single.

There are four principles to make a cup of espresso well.

1.The ground coffee should be in standard,generally it should be 14g to 16g,the coffee bean should be in high quality and in bakery depth.

2.Ground coffee should be grinding in a appropriate degree,should neither be too big nor too small,it’s hard to extract good espresso if the ground coffee is too big or too small. If the ground coffee is too big,the gap between the ground coffee is too big to stop the water,so the water would flow so fast that the coffee can not be extracted enough,the coffee would be tasteless.On the contrary,if the ground coffee is too small,it will have an over resistance to the water,the water would flow too slowly,the coffee would be over extracted and it would taste very bitter.

3.The water volume and the temperature must be set well.

4.The skill of barista

This is a very important factor, a cup of good espresso have very high requirement to the barista.if the barista do not know clearly about coffee,they don’t have enough specialized knowledgeable and mature skill,they can’t make good espresso though they use the best coffee bean,coffee grinder and coffee maker.So barista should always have desire and enthusiasm to make better coffee.

Espresso is loved by many coffee lovers and experts while many people keep way from it due to it’s strong and bitter taste.But every man has his taste,if you love it,come on,learn it and know more about it.

one way degassing valve espresso one
one way degassing valve espresso one

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Originally published 21 Dec 2015, updated 21 Dec 2015.


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