one way degassing valve for fermented feed bag

14 May 2018

Traditionally, the fermentation of animalcule always is to make the raw materials into the products and then packed. However, after practicing for a long time, many shortcomings have been exposed. Therefore, people try to heat-seal a plastic one way degassing valve on a fermented feed bag and help the beneficial bacteria including lactic acid bacteria, yeast and other major live bacteria to keep their highly active growth and metabolism in the natural state. The reason why the viable bacteria can keep the high activity for a long time is that the raw materials will be fermented in the bag after the vaccination and sealed packaging. During the fermentation, a lot of gas will be generated. When the gas in the package has reached a certain pressure, it will be released out of the bag through the one way degassing valve. Because the one way degassing valve can block the gas outside, the outside air can’t invade the fermented system in the bag. As an air exhauster, the one way degassing valve ensures that the environment in the packaging bag is free from oxygen and contamination by miscellaneous bacteria. This is an innovative technology.

If the feed in the anaerobic fermentation feed bag is in powder shape, it had better equip the bag with one way degassing valve with filter which can prevent the blockage of the valve. Besides, as long as the packaging bags which have equipped the one way degassing valve are not broken and the outside air can‘t enter into the bag, the shelf-life of the feed can be extended.

One way degassing valves, also called the breather valves of fermented feed bag, have creatively solved the technical problems of heat dissipation, gas control, anaerobic control, contamination by miscellaneous bacteria, package, storage and stability during the fermentation of microbiological feed and consequently reduced the cost of production.

Wojin plastic production factory in Shunde district, Foshan city, specializes in the sale of fermented feed bags of regular size and specific size. The PE composite PA material is used in Wojin fermented feed bags. PE actually is polyethylene. This kind of material has stable chemical properties, which is usually used to make food bag and many kinds of containers to protect the products from the erosion of acid, alkali and salt solution. PA, a kind of nylon plastic, is tough, firm and wear-resistant which generally is used to make comb, toothbrush, clothes hook, fan’s bone, mesh bag rope, fruit packaging bag, etc. Both of the two materials are 100% nontoxic and tasteless. Fermented feed bags made from PE composite PA have high transparency, good tenacity and heat sealing effect and are not easy to be broken.

Compared to others in the market, Wojin fermented feed bags have the distinguishing features as follow:

1. Being easier to exhaust and effectively blocking the gas outside the bag, which are more suitable for feed fermentation.

2. We use the professional machine to heat-seal the one way degassing valves which are very firm so that they will not drop off in the process of loading and transporting.

3. The bags are frim and tough and the fermented feed will not get mildew in the valve port and the bag mouth.

4. Wojin plastic production factory in Shunde district, Foshan city is a company which specializes in research and development, production, and the sale of one way degassing valve and it is the only one enterprise that has its own brand in China.

5. In addition to the sale of fermented feed bags, Wojin also specializes in the manufacture of valve pressing machine for fermented feed bags. The customers can purchase not only the fermented feed bags with valve, but also the bags without one way degassing valve as well as the valve machine so that the customers can press the valve on its own.

5. Both of the fermented feed bag and one way degassing valve have passed the detection and both of the products are green and environmental protected, in accordance with the national standards. The customers can rest assured to use because they are safe and guaranteed.

one way degassing valve for fermented feed bag

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Originally published 14 May 2018, updated 14 May 2018.


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