one way degassing valve keeps coffee fresh

24 Nov 2015

one way degassing valve keeps coffee fresh

At first,coffee just is a small seed,after carefully cultivate,plant and care,the coffee tree would bear fruit,and become the green coffee bean after picking and processing,then it would be roasted,ground and made,finally become the delicious coffee in our cup.In this whole procedure of coffee from seed to the cup,the coffee experience a long time and many complex process procedures,I think the most important process is roast because it dig out coffee flavor and give life to the coffee.Besides,I think another most important procedure is keep coffee fresh,coffee has original flavor only it is fresh,so keep coffee fresh well,such many process procedures were done before have the best value.

Due to the coffee would shorten its life with times increasing and process procedures,so in the coffee history,many coffee experts and sellers though out lots of ways to keep coffee fresh in many aspects.For example,in 1960s,a seller called Charles Arbuckle stared to use paper bag to package coffee.In order to avoid the roasted coffee go bad due to oxidation and became damp,he mixed egg with other coating as the protective film that painted on the surface of coffee.In 1970s,many sellers in America used egg,cane sugar,butter or other compounds to mix together and painted on the coffee to keep coffee fresh,that’s prove people pay much attention to the freshness of coffee.

Except aim at coffee bean itself,people also concern the environment where coffee is stored.All people know coffee should be stored in a dry and shade place.Besides,I think coffee packaging has the biggest impact on the freshness of coffee,so coffee packaging has been improving again and again.There are several kinds of coffee packaging including paper bag packaging,plastic bag packaging,tin van packaging,vacuum packaging and aluminium foil bag packaging and so on.As far as I know,coffee stored in aluminium foil bag with one way degassing valve is the most effective way to keep coffee fresh.

In conclusion,keep coffee fresh is a forever theme of coffee industry.It’s hard to do it well,but people never give up finding good ways to keep their coffee fresh.Of course,different people have different choice,they may choose different ways to keep their coffee fresh according to their different requirements.In fact,aluminium foil bag with one way degassing valve is used most widely in coffee packaging for keeping coffee fresh.I think the reason why this way is so popular is due to it’s convenient and cheap price.So,it’s no doubt that use aluminium foil bag with one way degassing valve is the best way to keeping coffee fresh.

one way degassing valve keeps coffee fresh
one way degassing valve keeps coffee fresh
one way degassing valve keeps coffee fresh

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Originally published 24 Nov 2015, updated 24 Nov 2015.


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