one way degassing valve latte art

03 Jan 2016

one way degassing valve has a close relationship with coffee,so not only does WOJIN research coffee valve,but also research coffee.Today,let’s talk about latte art.

one way degassing valve latte art

In Europe,latte means milk,pour the milk into the coffee and make beautiful shape is called latte art.Latte art has a wider mean that is all kinds of art shape on the surface of coffee,it is not only restricted to coffee latte,but also means all the art shapes made by any kinds of ways on the coffee surface.So,the word latte art becomes the representative of all kind of art shapes on the coffee surface.

Latte art is a change made in cappuccino or latte first.At first,latte art is a high-difficulty technology appeared in the coffee show in Europe,such a creative technology heavily shook the coffee field in that time,so it began to be concerned.At the beginning,people concerned the shape presentation,later they not only pay attention to the visual effect,but also the smooth taste of the milk.Through continually improving,latte art can make the coffee better in its color,aroma and taste.Now latte art has become a necessary professional skill in all kinds of coffee competition.

Latte art is so attractive that many people are interested in it.In order to make good latte,many baristas spending much time practicing making latte art,they are concentrated on their practice process.For many coffee lovers,they order cappuccino or latte in the coffee shops just for its beautiful latte art.

one way degassing valve latte art

Latte art looks beautiful,but it’s hard to make it well,let’s learn how to make latte art.

1. Prepare appropriate espresso in the coffee cup.

2. Make milk foam,move away the big foam if there are some on the surface.

3. Pour the milk foam into the espresso.When the milk fully mix with espresso,the coffee is thick,now is the best time to make latte art.(As usual the coffee is more than half a cup in this time)

4. The action make latte art is shake the wrist that hold the steel cup to the left and the right,the shake should be steady and in a horizontal position.

5. Pay attention to the power of the wrist,do not let the whole hand shake with the wrist.If shake the wrist in the right way,there would be a foam trace like Z.

6. Move the steel cup carefully according to the shape you want to make and finish it carefully.

Latte art is an art can make coffee more colorful,know latte art and learn how to make it,your will enjoy it and you will have lots of fun.

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Originally published 03 Jan 2016, updated 03 Jan 2016.


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