one way degassing valve latte milk

one way degassing valve latte milk

I have ever heard an interesting story about latte from one of my friends.

This story happened to her friend when she traveled to Italy. one way degassing valve would like to tell you that Italy is a coffee kingdom,many people would like to enjoy a cup authentic Italian coffee in Italy,so as to her friend.

Her friend entered a coffee shop where there is many customers was enjoying coffee in the afternoon.The waiter served her friendly,she ordered a cup of latte without any hesitation because latte is her favorite coffee.She said to the waiter,”Latte,please.”After a while,the waiter brought her a cup of hot milk.She was puzzled,she shook her hand and said no continuously.The waiter said,”Latte,this is latte you ordered.”She said,”I just want a cup of coffee,not milk,is coffee.”The water seems understand her meaning,he took away the hot milk and bring a cup of latte.He said politely,”Sorry,miss,this is your coffee latte,coffee and milk.”The other drinkers in the coffee shop looked at her and laughed.The waiter patiently explained to her,then she knew she made an mistake of language just now.

This is a common phenomenon,if you order latte in the coffee shops in Italy,they would provide you a cup of milk.Are they misunderstanding the customers’ meaning?Actually they aren’t.In Italy,the world latte means milk,if the customers order latte,of course,they would give them a cup of milk.However,the latte we usually say is called coffee latte or coffee con latte in Italy.So the joke was caused by the difference of language culture.

To be honest,except the misunderstanding language,she made another mistake that is she made a wrong order because Italians have rules in having coffee.In Italy,people usually drink coffee latte and cappuccino before 10:30am.Italians always treat the coffee that add milk and bread as their breakfast.After the breakfast,they would hardly have latte and cappuccino again especially after the lunch and dinner.They prefer to have espresso,because they think espresso can help them to digest the Italian noodle,cheese,meat or other food contain a lot of fat they intake in the lunch or dinner.We can’t sure if the espresso is helpful for digesting,but we can image that would not be a good feeling if they drink latte or cappuccino after they eat many stodge in lunch and dinner.

It’s easy to make mistake when having coffee in Italy due to the different culture.The coffee lover travel to Italy,it’s better to do in Rome as Romes do.You should order a cup of espresso,and enjoy it with a short time by standing near the bar,thus you can make yourself as a local people.On the contrary,you can completely ignore others eyes,ordering any kind of coffee in any time you want to have even though a cup of latte or cappuccino after lunch or dinner.Just do what you like,that’s your right can not be deprived.

Coffee,is a good thing to be enjoyed.In addition to enjoyment,sharing is very important to coffee.Now this interesting story and some common sense of coffee is shared with you.

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