one way degassing valve main coffee producers in Africa

02 Nov 2015

one way degassing valve main coffee producers in Africa


Neither the aroma of Ethiopia coffee is strong,nor irritative.Its producing ares are distributed across Harrar,Yiracheffe,Sidama,Limu,Djimmah,Lekempti,Kapa and so on.Harrar is the representative of Ethiopia coffee,The coffee from there has strong taste of Arab,there are wine fragrance and chocolate taste in the dry fragrance,it has moderate body and good texture.


Kenya is located in East Africa,is one of the best coffee producers in the world,and it is honored as the best popular coffee by industry figures.Kenya coffee is planted in the the ares of 1500—2100 meter and harvested twice a year.Kenya coffee is classified into several grades,they are PB,AA++,AA+,AA,AB.C.T and TT.Its annual output is about 1.6 million bags,average output of per hectare is about 650kg.Kenya coffee is tasty,it has fruit taste and wine fragrance.


Tanzania is the unique country that make coffee in its national emblem.Kilimanjaro has ever been the richest region of Tanzania because of planting coffee.But in recent years,Kilimanjaro’s economic power is weaker than before because the situation of coffee in Tanzania is worse.Tanzania coffee is crisp,it has similar taste of wonderful South America coffee and its acidity is weaker than Kenya coffee.

Most Africa coffee is good at quality.However,it’s easy to buy it,but difficult to keep it’s freshness.There is a way help you to fresh your coffee,that is apply WOJIN one way degassing valve to your coffee packaging,it can help keeping your coffee quality effectively.

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Originally published 02 Nov 2015, updated 02 Nov 2015.


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