One way degassing valve on American coffee

One way degassing valve on American coffee

American coffee was born after World War II. At that time, when the American were ending the war in Europe, but they couldn’t drink espresso, so they dilute it with warm water. Thus it can be seen that espresso is not born to be loved by others. Because it is mainly the American soldiers that drink coffee in this way, people name it American coffee.

Because at that time most American used filters to make coffee with a lighter taste, until now, in most American family, they use drip coffee pots, which is why drip coffee pots are also called American coffee pots. But the popularity of American coffee which dilutes espresso with water has been helped by Starbuck’s global presence.

Is it right to make a cup of mild coffee by using the mean captain time out of the water. There are two opinions: the traditional espresso supporters think that it can’t work, because the coffee will be over-extracted, especially in the late extraction. The mixture of coffee powder and too much caffeine are also drawn out, which people despise.

However, one way degassing valve knows that in today coffee market, it can be commonly seen, for example, the Australia coffee shop do so. They say that if the coffee is over-extracted, wouldn’t the extraction time of normal press and siphon pot is longer than this. So what is wrong with doing this? We don’t want to compare whether it is right nor wrong but to introduce the attitude and method of the two ways to brew coffee.

We first don’t compare the difference in taste, because when we discuss the way of brewing coffee in this aspect, the disagreement comes in. what should be known is that the amount of caffeine extracted from the mild coffee over time will be higher than in a standard cup of espresso diluted with water. Even so, there are two ways to make American coffee. One is to make the espresso first and add the water. The other is to add the espresso to the water.

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