one way degassing valve refining methods

Complete the harvest of coffee cherry, after refining, can be a raw material of raw coffee beans. Today, one way degassing valve just tell you about two special refining methods. These two kinds of refining methods, namely, dry refining method and the sun refining method.

Drying refining method is a traditional processing method. First of all need to peel the pulp and inside peel from the harvested coffee fruit, and then put the coffee fruit under the sun, let it dry naturally. It should be noted that, when drying, it needs to put the coffee fruit in a huge open space, in addition, the fruit drying time should not be too short, the best longer. Drying process, need to pick out the immature coffee beans and impurities by hand.

Although this method is simple, but it takes a long time, I personally prefer to originate in Brazil, the sun refining method. Although this method also requires the coffee beans under the sun, but different from the dry refining method, use this method, mature beans difficult to mix into the coffee beans. And use this method refine coffee beans, and finally will bubble out the coffee with sweet. This method requires the use of pulp removal machines. The coffee fruit thrown into the flesh to remove the machine, peel off the flesh, it becomes the original beans state with inside peel, and then put it under the sun drying. Finally, we can get the beans we want.

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Originally published 26 Jun 2017, updated 26 Jun 2017.

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