one way degassing valve said coffee cherry

one way degassing valve said coffee cherry

one way degassing valve would like to tell you how much do you know about coffee bean?We often drink coffee,but we can hardly see coffee bean,and seldom see coffee cherry.When you are drinking coffee,have you want to know what’s the structure of coffee cherry?

The young coffee cherry is green and it would turn red when it’s rip.Rip coffee cherry is a small red fruit like sherry,so it is called coffee cherry.Let’s see the structure of coffee cherry,like other fruits,coffee cherry has similar structure,it has epicarp,mesocarp,pectin layer,parchement,silver skin,endosperm and embryo.The thin mesocarp is the pulp,it tastes sweet,and the two seeds covered with pulp actually is the coffee bean.

Coffee cherry need a period of long time to grow and become rip,different types of coffee cheery need different time between 8 months and 13 months.Picking coffee cherry is a hard work,most good coffee bean is picked by hand.The farmers need to choose the rip coffee cheery to pick and process.

The coffee layer and pulp would be shelled during the process,and the silver skin would be dropped out when it is roasted.Finally,the coffee bean is roasted in different degree and sold on the market.

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