one-way degassing valve said coffee without sugar

25 Nov 2017

Used to never drink coffee, do not like the bitter, by contrast, more willing to give a glass of milk or juice. However, people are so, a lot of habits, will change with the environment, there may be just because a person, or a story, or some of the affair.

The coffee shop before used to , always order blue mountain. In fact, do not know the origin of this brand of coffee, or the last saw a sister's article to understand a little. Love the blue, especially the kind of sky-like blue, which inexplicably fell in love with Blue Mountain coffee.

Sprinkle a small packet into the cup, pour the hot water, stir gently with the spoon until it is fully dissolved. If the past, inevitably put some sugar, as well as milk and the like, but at the moment, nothing to add, just want to drink a cup of authentic coffee only.

The sky was slightly overcast and there was a wind, still feel the slightest chill. Fortunately, the aroma of coffee, filled with, it is enchanted. Sit down and lean against the rocking chair, slowly and quietly. Obliterate a small mouth, bitter, such as traditional Chinese medicine in general. And then obliterate on the mouth, feeling better, coffee and Chinese medicine, after all, is different, traditional Chinese medicine is not savoury and mellow as it , taste is not as delicate as it.

Spring weather, that change on, yesterday was sunny, today is gray. Just soaked hot coffee, look cool, probably because of the low temperature because of it cold liquid, become more and more bitter, but I could not bear to drink out. Can’t make myself clear, own cannot give up, in the end is this cup of delicious coffee, or that share of dusty feelings.

Life, than so, no matter leave how much mess, fleeting time like flowing through the water, away the tenderness like clouds passing, never find it back. Coffee, even with the most hot water to blow, after all, will become cooler, as those who leave forever people, can only miss. Warm moment, and one of the taste, I am afraid that only own self experience. one-way- degassing valve says that today's coffee without sugar, alone taste this faint lonely, perhaps, after, I should change a hobby and used...

one-way degassing valve said coffee without sugar

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Originally published 25 Nov 2017, updated 25 Nov 2017.


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