one way degassing valve said flower planting in coffee grounds two

one way degassing valve said flower planting in coffee grounds two

Today, one way degassing valve teaches you how to use coffee grounds to plant flowers. First, turn the coffee grounds into organic fertilizer:

1. Prepare a freshness protection bag or plastic bag, stir evenly of collected coffee grounds and soil, then put them into plastic bag, and add enough fresh water to moisten the soil, and tie up.

2. Place them in a corner where they are warm but without direct sunlight to proceed the process of fermentation rotten, it takes around 2-3 months and if winter, the time of fermentation rotten will be longer.

There is another method is dry fermentation that directly piles up the coffee grounds and soil in the sun and stirs up at every day. Unless it is a very hot summer noon, the temperature is difficult to climb to that high, so this method is not recommended. It is better to introduce earthworm, they like coffee powder, while snails hate coffee powder, cats and dogs also do not like coffee powder, and earthworm is good for loosening the soil and protecting the flowers from spoiling.

The process of converting coffee grounds into organic fertilizer is faster than normal composting, but its nutrient composition is single, nitrogen content is high, but the content of phosphorus and potassium are very low. Such this type of soil is suitable for foliage plants, but not suitable for planting flowering and fruiting plants. Then well-made coffee organic fertilizer still needs to be mixed with some soil to plant, preferably with a good air permeability matrix. According to the size of plant, the amount of soil determines the proportion, and finally buried them in the soil below 20cm.

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