one way degassing valve said ill drink coffee

With the global warming, environmental pollution and other issues become increasingly serious, caused by a variety of viruses common respiratory disease, now almost all year round, day and night, every moment may occur. Many coffee lovers, even if a fever, but also like to drink coffee. one way degassing valve tells you this is not advisable. When you are sick, should be more rest, cannot drink coffee.

From the rest of the point of view, people in the cold fever need to get enough rest. Caffeine in coffee has a refreshing effect. After the patient ingested the caffeine, because the body needed to take care of the rest does not get enough rest, will make the mental state worse, and thus worse.

To food intake point of view, when sick, people are best intake of low calorie, the food easy to digest. Many people like to add sugar or milk in the coffee, which led to high calorie. If people intake of such a high calorie when in sick, will only have been uncomfortable to bring a greater burden of the stomach.

From the drug point of view, the cold medicine generally contain phenylpropanolamine, caffeine if is taken into body with this substance together, a great possibility may lead to increased blood pressure, serious, it can cause human death. Cold medicine, detoxification analgesic cold medicine and central excitement class cold medicine, originally contains a lot of caffeine, has a great stimulus to gastric mucosa. If drink coffee, intake of more caffeine, it is easy to cause stomach problems.

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Originally published 06 Jun 2017, updated 06 Jun 2017.

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