one way degassing valve said latte art coffee making process

one way degassing valve said latte art coffee making process

In general, there are two processes of making a cup of latte art coffee, one is fusion, and the second is the latte art. Today, we divide the latte art into two stages to introduce for you, then refine every stage into each step and key points and attentions, so that everyone understand easily. Firstly, one way degassing valve focus on fusion part.

1. The height of milk jar: the distance between the normal milk jar and coffee cup about 5-10 cm, the only purpose is to make full integration of milk foam and coffee.

2. The milk flow: The normal reference value is that the milk flow in the continuous situation is a little thinner. The purpose of milk flow size is to ensure full integration of milk foam and coffee but not damage the cleanliness and color of grease, if milk flow is thick will have a greater impact force, and there will be turn up turbulence phenomenon which hitting the bottom of milk jar.

3. Fusion technique: These techniques do not have great influence on the fluidity of latte art; first of all, we would talk about the distinction among three methods:

4. The fusion method of the number “1”.

5. Circle fusion means let the milk turn around the circle to fusion.

6. Spot fusion means let the milk at a spot fusion.

The three techniques have their own merits and demerits, for the state of fusion and the degree of uniformity, the best effect is circle fusion method. The reason is very simple, the larger fusion area, the easier for full integration of milk foam and coffee. Spot fusion and word fusion should be having great fats and very good milk foam, so we suggest circling a large area to fusion.

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