one way degassing valve said macao coffee

22 Jan 2018

one way degassing valve feels that life is a full of unknown travel, care about the scenery along the way, care about is to look at the scenery of the mood. Want to breathe each place's air, want to feel the people of each place. Macao, the place I visited more than once, every time with different purposes, this time only to slow down, quietly enjoy a cup of coffee time.

1. Communal Table

Sometimes natural and fresh food is the best supplement of the day, and more often we need only a cup of warm coffee to solve the most important problems in life, this meal is not as good as it is. Coffee, pizza, salad. Produce has its own characteristics. What impressed me most is the greeting from the barista when I left the coffee shop.

2. Bloom Coffee House

We initially attracted by the coffee car of shop door. There is various kind of coffee equipment and coffee machines of all levels show in the coffee shop, and many coffees sell around by this shop. Leisure walk, walking in the alley, may wish to sit down and have a cup of coffee. The in-store barista has an insistence and enthusiasm for premium coffee, producing espresso that means it's our favorite flavor.

3. Single Origin

I do not think this cafe is no stranger to come here every time I have to drink a single origin, and barista also won the recent Macao Philharmonic champion and runner-up to enjoy life like to taste coffee, the store's The barista's service is very much appreciated. When it comes out, it displays information about coffee, as well as the first fragrance of coffee in the product, the moist smell of hot coffee and finally the coffee. Only use one type coffee beans in a cup of coffee, in order to highlight the pure taste and level.

one way degassing valve said macao coffee

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Originally published 22 Jan 2018, updated 22 Jan 2018.


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