one way degassing valve said osteoporosis

one way degassing valve said osteoporosis

one way degassing valve wants to tell you that a number of studies have shown that Asian women intake of caffeine, the loss of a small amount of calcium even when drinking coffee to add milk cannot make up. Therefore, the daily consumed coffee of young women must be appropriate. As long as no excessive drinking coffee, even if not rely on milk, but rely on daily diet, also can achieve the body's calcium balance. At the same time, it is recommended not to add excess calcium, or induce kidney stones is also possible.

Here, I say, which types of people are most likely to suffer from the disease. Hope that the following crowd to their own sound alarm.

1.Physically thin people. Generally thin bone, thin physique women are more susceptible to osteoporosis.

2.Lose weight by improper diet. This class of people in imbalance eating, excessive intake of fruits and vegetables, affecting the body's absorption of calcium.

3.There is not enough intake of vitamin D. As long as Vitamin D intake enough, calcium will be well absorbed in the intestine and bone calcification.

4.Ovaries, hysterectomy, menstruation early, or menopause before 40 years old women, more difficult to maintain bone calcium content.

5.People who love to smoke, alcoholics. Alcohol will accelerate bone loss.

6.Long-term use of steroid hormone, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases drugs.

Women after 30 years of age, the bone will be quietly lost, we must pay attention to our own storage of bone. Men have to change their habits, as far as possible away from alcohol and tobacco.

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